How To Set-Up Your Trail Sled for the Mountains

Trail riders’ sleds are made for ditch banging, lake running and winding trails. But what if you want to take it “out West” to the mountains? Will it work? Certainly it will … with a little work.

A few relatively simple changes to a flatlander’s sled will make it work well, and at about $200 per day for a rental sled, your conversion will cost less. The fuel system, clutches, chassis and drivetrain need attention. Add a few accessories to make the ride easier, safer and more fun.

Fuel Delivery

A naturally aspirated snowmobile engine loses horsepower at a rate of about 3 percent of power per 1,000 feet of altitude. This is because…

To download the rest of the article, please visit our Downloads page and scroll to “Set-Up a Trail Snowmobile For the Mountains” or click on the image to the left. Going to the West but you don’t have a snowmobile that was specially designed to run in the deep mountain snow? Fortunately for you, many trail snowmobiles can be adapted for use in the backcountry of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and other Western states. This article explains how to prepare the clutches, drivetrain, fuel system and chassis for deep-snow riding. Riders need to be prepared, too, so there’s also information about how to stay comfortable and safe for mountain snowmobiling.

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