How To Replace Snowmobile Exhaust Gaskets

Does your snowmobile’s engine have the black, oily residue that’s common on the front of the cylinders? This mess that starts under the exhaust ports and often runs down to the crankcase not only looks bad, but it gives the appearance of a poorly maintained sled, and it could hurt resale value.

The grime usually comes from leaky gaskets between the exhaust Y-pipe and cylinder. A second culprit, in some cases, is the…

To download the rest of the article, please visit our Downloads page and scroll to “Replace Leaking Exhaust Gaskets” or click on the image to the left.  Leaking gaskets on the front of the engine cylinders that makes an oily, greasy mess under the hood plague many snowmobiles. If the leak is really bad, it can cause engine damage. This article explains the necessary steps to replace both the exhaust Y-pipe gaskets and variable exhaust valve gaskets — both can leak — to improve the appearance of the sled and increase its value.

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