How To: Replace A REV Track

Snowmobile tracks are like tires on a car. They move the machine over the terrain, but sooner or later they’re going to wear out. Missing lugs, ripped out studs and track wear from marginal snow conditions are some of the reasons why a track may need to be replaced. Maybe you’re looking for better traction or perhaps you need to convert to a long track for a trip to the mountains.

This story is based on Ski-Doo REV-based sleds, but the principles apply to all chain-driven snowmobiles. The job will take a first-timer about two hours, but after a few track swaps, it will take less than an hour.

Step 1. Remove The Rear Suspension

Tip the sled on its side and remove the…

To download the rest of the article, please visit our Downloads page and scroll to “Replace A REV Track” or click on the image to the left. This is a complete guide to remove and replace the track in Ski-Doo REV snowmobiles. The step-by-step process explains the job from start to finish, and includes torque specifications and clear pictures that help illustrate the process. Tips and real-world experience by the author eliminates confusion and speeds up the job so you can get your Ski-Doo REV snowmobile back on the trail.

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