How To: Fix a Sunken Sled

It seemed so simple when you set out across that stretch of open water — your friends did it, how hard could it be?

It didn’t seem like such a good idea, however, when you found yourself floating and watched your sled sink to the murky bottom!

Whether skipping across an open spot on a lake, crossing a creek or skimming across a neighbor’s pond during the summer, the chance exists that your snowmobile will sink. If it does, what should you do once it’s pulled out of the drink?

To download the rest of the article, please visit our Downloads page and scroll to “Dry Out a Sunken Snowmobile” or click on the image to the left. If a sled was recovered from the bottom of a lake, swamp or river, would you know the first step to revive it? This article explains crucial actions that need to happen — QUICKLY! — in order to prevent severe damage to the engine, drivetrain and ignition system. There’s also useful information about how to dry out the seat foam so the pad won’t turn into a block of ice.

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