Favorite Gear Test Photos Chosen By Snow Goer Staff


Many snowmobilers and other friends of snow and cold weather will say that the winter of 2011-12 is the winter that never was. That was true across most of the Snowbelt, but that couldn’t prevent the crack(ed?) staff of Snow Goer from getting out to test and photograph snowmobiles and a bunch of hard parts, helmets, jackets, gloves, traction products and other snowmobile accessories – all for stories that will appear in issues of Snow Goer magazine this fall and on snowgoer.com.

We also got out and explored some or our favorite riding areas, and we visited a few places that weren’t so familiar to us. More time on the freeways, extra nights in hotels and many gallons of fuel were required to do our work this winter, but we’re excited to show the photographs and write about our experiences from the trail.

Here is a collection of shots that we took while snowmobiling this winter. Most of them are pictures of aftermarket parts and apparel that we evaluated for the Cold Tested department, but we threw in a few photos of friends and co-workers to show the scenery-and-people side of our job, too. Click through the photos to get a glimpse of what aftermarket product tests and travel stories you’ll soon be able to read in Snow Goer magazine and on snowgoer.com. Scroll down to leave comments or questions.

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