Cold Tested: Divas Craze Jacket

I’ve been a snowmobiler for more than 20 years, and my Craze Jacket has become my favorite coat for snowmobiling and more.Divas 2

My first impression was that I loved the styling and its cut, and I thought the pinstripes were flattering. Divas apparel is cut specifically for women, and my Craze Jacket isn’t bulky, stiff and heavy like men’s snowmobile coats I’ve worn in the past. It’s nice to finally have a snowmobile jacket cut for me.

Despite that last winter was wickedly cold in central Minnesota where I live, my fashionable Divas Craze Jacket kept me warmer and more comfortable than other stylish coats I own or have owned. There are 150 grams of insulation in the body and 100 grams in the sleeves, and it has a waterproof/breathable coating.

For riding, I enjoyed its great flexibility that allowed easy movement without restrictions, and I stayed warm in below-zero weather with just a few layers worn underneath. The backside of the coat is long and prevented snow and cold air from chilling my back, and stretchy sleeve extenders with thumb holes kept drafts from flowing up my sleeves. Those sleeve extenders also were nice to keep my hands warm during instances when I wasn’t riding and didn’t want to bother with a pair of gloves.

divas snipI also used this jacket for more than snowmobile rides. With two daughters who play hockey, I wore it many times to countless ice arenas, and I received compliments and questions about it from other hockey moms. Other features I like about the coat are the magnetic snap closures on the pocket zippers that make it look clean and stylish, smooth zippers and the soft fleece collar that feels good against my chin.

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