The Snow Goer Snowmobile Racing Challenge game is eight rounds into its 11-round season, and (gasp!) a member of our own magazine staff is in the lead.

The Challenge is a free fantasy sports game in which participants select racers who they think will finish in a top six in key snowmobile races. The players then get points based upon how those racers actually finish. It’s hosted here on

Frankly, it’s been a learning year for us at the Snow Goer office with the software, so tallying the scores has been more complex than we thought it would be at first. But, combining the players scores from the four snocross rounds with the scores earned at the Eagle River World Championship, Soo I-500, USXC Seven Clans Cross Country I-500 and the Grand Prix de Valcourt has resulted in a horrifying situation: Our own editor John Prusak is in the lead! Can you imagine what it will be like for the rest of our staff having to put up with that guy if he wins the whole shootin’ match? Please, for the love of all that is sacred and holy, somebody pass this guy.

The Snowmobile Racing Challenge game returns to snocross this weekend with the Seneca Allegany Air Force Snocross in New York on the ISOC Amsoil Championship Series. The names have now been posted for Saturday’s Pro Open final, so go ahead and put in your entry here. Even if you haven’t played yet this season, it’s easy, fun and free — there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

Here’s a look at the year-to-date Top 10 overall, as well as the entered screen names of those who finished in podium spots for individual segments:


  1. John Prusak, 438 points
  2. Dustin Timm, 437
  3. Bob Dockman, 406
  4. Bob Menne, 372
  5. Polarisracer, 362
  6. Leah Krueger, 359
  7. Kevin Bouman, 344
  8. Chad Colby, 342
  9. Dan De Zorzi and Waylon Littleton, 332 (tie)

Snocross Leaders (after 4 of 7 rounds):

  1. Bob Dockman, 273
  2. John Prusak, 269
  3. Dustin Timm, 240

Amsoil Eagle River World Championship:

  1. Polarisracer, 78
  2. Dustin Timm, 77
  3. Bob Menne and John Prusak, 68 (tie)

Soo I-500:

  1. Waylon Littleton, 48
  2. Bob Menne, 44
  3. Kevin Bouman, 40

USXC Seven Clans I-500:

  1. Dustin Timm, 49
  2. Cat Girl and Dan De Zorzi, 48 (tie)

Grand Prix de Valcourt:

  1. John Prusak, 63
  2. Dahlke882, 57
  3. Cat Girl, 50

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