Van Strydonk Sets New Eagle River Record

Beau Van Strydonk, of Tomahawk, Wisconsin, set a new record at this year’s 46th Annual World Championship Snowmobile Derby.  After winning five classes, Van Strydonk broke the previous held record of four class wins in a Derby weekend, coincidentally held by his cousin Nick Van Strydonk.

Now sixteen years old, Van Strydonk is definitely no stranger to the ice oval.  He has been racing since the age of seven and has competed at the Derby since his Kitty Kat days.  Much has changed since racing Kitty Kats as he competed in five classes at this year’s Derby, including two pro classes.

“I was hoping for it, I wanted to beat Nick’s record,” said Van Strydonk of his achievement.  When asked what helped him at the Derby, he contributed his new riding style to his success but when asked what he changed, he replied, “It’s a secret.”

Whatever secret he is keeping led him to win Junior III Sprint 600 and Pro Sprint 600 during Friday Night Thunder.  Van Strydonk finished off the weekend with wins in Pro Sprint 500, Semi-Pro Sprint 600, Junior III Sprint 600 and a second place finish in Semi-Pro Sprint 500 all on a Polaris.

His new secret riding style, however, was not the only thing Van Strydonk had to thank for his record setting weekend.  He was quick to name his crew and sponsors as agents for his success.  Some of which include Polaris, Stud Boy, Erv’s Sales and Service, River Valley State Bank, Tripoli Propane, LRM, ACT and T&N Racing.

Van Strydonk plans on giving some of his championship flags to sponsors that have helped him.  He also hopes to use them as a means of gaining new sponsors.  We can certainly count on seeing him at next years Derby, as he hopes to win Pro Sprint 600 and to qualify for the Pro Champ World Championship race.

2 thoughts on “Van Strydonk Sets New Eagle River Record

  • Avatar for Lisa Schade

    I am so proud of your many, many accomplishments !!!
    Your heart and mind are really into racing this year.

    I am one proud mother and I am so luck to have a son like you.


  • Avatar for Ann Swenty

    Awesome job! We are all very proud of your record breaking accomplishments. I think that the other racers should be nervous about your “secret” style. Keep on training and we will look forward to watching you race next year.



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