"Silly Season" in full swing!

I think the term “Silly Season” (as it’s commonly used in the NASCAR world ) is upon us in the world of Ice Oval racing.  The first shock of the season for me was the absence of Gary Moyle’s Arctic Cat Champ 440 from the Cat Racing display at Haydays.  Gary was by far the most competitive Cat on the ice oval last winter!  I thought to myself that something seemed fishy and my questions were answered on Monday morning when I checked the Moyle Racing website.

From Moyleracingusa.com: 

“Moyle Racing is proud to announce that we will be racing under the Ski-Doo banner for the 2008-2009 race season.  The move comes as an exciting change to our team and we welcome it.


We enjoyed our time racing with Arctic Cat and winning multiple Canadian and World’s Championships.  There just comes a time where change is necessary and we feel as though now is the time.


This year will be one of learning (like all others) but yet of greater potential than recent years.  Working with more modern Rotax engines; with components of the highest quality; we are confident that this year we will be faster and more consistent than ever.”


After reading this news I had mixed emotions.  Moyles have certainly had a great run with Arctic Cat.  Being that we run a Hooper built Arctic Cat similar to what Moyle has run the past few years, we went to them with lots of questions and they were very eagar to help.  We will certainly miss having them on the same side of the fence!  On the other hand, I think change is good for the sport.  It helps keep interest high and all eyes will certainly be on the #66 when we get to Beausejour in early December.  In this man’s humble opinion, Ski-Doo is very fortunate to have Moyle Racing join their team.  The level of professionalism that Moyle Racing brings to the race track is very impressive, as is the work ethic I’ve seen from that entire team.  They simply will not stop at anything to keep improving and that hard work and dedication has led to much of their success.

Another big move that I got wind of this weekend is going to add even more fuel to the Ski-Doo racing team.  The word is that Trevor Fontaine will be running a Pro Stock Ski-Doo for Mike Houle Racing.  Trevor has been very successful coming up through the ranks riding Polaris equipment and will be another big asset for Team Ski-Doo.  I was amazed watching Trevor race last year.  Even at the young age of 17, his patience and timing on the race track make him look like a 20 year pro.

Some more rumours???  PJ Wandersheid will be back on a Hooper Cat.  Not only that, but I’ve heard that John Hooper will be there with the #28 team this year.  PJ on a Hooper Cat was a recipe for huge success in the past.  To me, this could be the most significant development if it is in fact true.  PJ struggled last season and will be looking for some redemption in ’09. 

I’ll try to keep you all informed on any other new developments as they happen 

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