Eagle River Snowmobiling Gets TV Coverage

The history of snowmobiling in the Midwestern hub of Eagle River was documented on the morning show of a Wausau, Wisconsin, television station on Wednesday, including footage of the Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby and the World Snowmobile Headquarters.
Hosts Susan Ramsett and Mikel Lauber were live from Eagle River on Wednesday, June 17, as a part of the station’s “Your Town” gimmick.

While sitting in an idealic summer scene, with a lake glistening in the background, Ramsett told viewers that Eagle River is “also one of the world’s top snowmobiling destinations.”

The story that followed, by reporter Matt Behrens, included interviews with the Bob Mendlesky of the World Snowmobile Headquarters and Dick Decker of Decker Sno-Venture Tours and the Eagle River Derby Track.
Click here to see the story, and make sure to click on the video box on WSAW’s web site to see the actual piece as it aired on the television.

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