Yamaha Announces Grass Racing Contingency

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, has announced a race contingency prize program for qualified drivers on designated grass drag race circuits. Yamaha will reward its winning racers at the following events:

Hay Days:
Pro: Stock 600S; Stock 600; Imp St 600: 1st: $2,000, 2nd: $600, 3rd: $300
Heavy Mod 1000: 1st: $2,000

Stock 600S; Stock 600; Imp St 600: 1st: $800

Princeton, MN (Aug 25, 26); Jessup, IA (Sept 16); Rochester, MN (Sept 22, 23); Wausau, WI (Sept 29, 30).

NEGDS (Sunday Only):
Monkton, VT (Sept 14); Casco, ME (Sept 28); Epping, NH (Oct 13); Casco, ME (Oct 19).

Racers competing in Stock 600S, Stock 600 and Improved Stock 600 at all events other than Hay Days are eligible to earn $800 for 1st place, $400 for 2nd place and $200 for 3rd place. In order to be eligible for the contingency prize money, racers must meet five basic criteria. First, they must compete on a 2007 or newer Yamaha 4-stroke sled. Second, the sled must have the factory color and graphics schemes. Third, the sled must have a stock-appearing hood and belly pan. Fourth, racers must compete in the pro classes. Finally, there must be at least six racers per class. For more information about collecting the contingency prize money, contact the eligible race circuit or Yamaha Snowmobile Racing at 262-947-6182.

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