Snowmobile Aftermarket Product Preview: Trac-Link

Snowmobile-Trac-LinkI can’t believe how quickly every snowmobile season sneaks up, but this season seems to be roaring upon me faster than any other. You know what they say, time speeds up as you get older, so I guess it only makes sense.

The reason isn’t due to the typical, “nights are getting colder,” “leaves are changing,” and “ golly, the squirrels are already busy stashing away nuts to prepare for winter.” It’s because aftermarket parts are already showing up in my office to test on our fleet of 2011 Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo and Yamaha (hopefully it will join the fun after taking the past two seasons off) sleds.

An interesting product that arrived a few weeks ago is the Trac-Link from Between the Lines Designs, a company based out of Idaho. This cool rear suspension product is designed to make it quick and simple to adjust a sled’s ski pressure. How does it work? The Trac-Link is a limiter strap assembly that replaces the stock strap or straps. With the Trac-Link installed, a tuner can adjust the limiter strap “length” by turning a bolt with a wrench. Want more ski pressure? Tighten the bolt. Need lighter steering effort? Loosen the strap’s tension by loosening the bolt.

I look forward to installing and testing this product, probably on our MX Z 600 or 600 IQ Shift. The Trac-Link is a nice product made with what seems to be a durable strap and quality hardware. The main aluminum component is thick with chamfered edges for a smooth finish. I read through the instructions and they seem thorough with a good picture as a nice visual aid. Want to learn more about the Trac-Link? Go to

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