Hand guards that come standard on Ski-Doo sleds are flimsy and, without fail, we end up breaking the ones on our demo sleds every season. After that happened last winter on our 2009 MX Z Renegade 800 X, we installed the MX Style Carbon Fiber Hand Guards from RPM Composites and enjoyed tough-as-nails hand protection.

Unlike the stock plastic setup, when the big-twin 800R engine idled, the carbon fiber guards held steady without shaking. When running fast across a lake, they stayed in position without bending back toward our hands. When we righted the sled after an off-trail rollover in the mountains, the guards were unscathed. This premium handguard setup comes at a cost, though: $199.

Installation is easy because RPM uses a clean, simple mounting system with CNC-machined aluminum parts and stainless steel fasteners. This system’s range of adjustability isn’t as wide as some other aftermarket guards (there’s some side-to-side adjustment), but they fit nicely on our Ski-Doo and were easier to install and have a cleaner appearance.

The shells’ coverage extended from inside the controls out to the bar ends on each side, which adequately protected our hands from tree branches and roost, not to mention wind and cold air. For extreme cold, RPM Composites makes other hand guards with more coverage.

The carbon layers haven’t delaminated and show no signs of stress. This is a durable system that has high-tech construction and a modern look that complemented our black-and-white sled beautifully.

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