I swear dirty sleds don’t run as well as clean ones. So, my load-up process often involves soap, water and a sponge before I drive a snowmobile into a trailer. Unfortunately, there isn’t always time — or liquid water — to do this. This is where Dri Wash ’n Guard (DWG) Ultra-Ion Waterless Cleaner saved my sled’s performance last winter.

This stuff is perfect for people who want a clean snowmobile when cold weather makes it impossible to wash with water. The cleaner easily removes smudges, dirt, watermarks and grime to make body parts gleam. The label says to pressurize the bottle with 10 to 15 pumps, spray a light coat on the surface and then wipe it off with the supplied terry cloth towel.

DWG Ultra-Ion Waterless Cleaner leaves a film that makes hoods and side panels shine like Howie Mandel’s head when buffed with a towel. After a few minutes of rubbing with the kit’s blue buffing towel, my sled was ready to run circles around my friends’ dull, tarnished machines.

The bottle of DWG cleaner became part of my tool kit for snowmobile trips last winter. Since the label says to prevent the product from freezing, I kept it in the tow rig’s heated cab during transport. The cleaner is available through distributors; our test bottle came from Squirt ’n Dirt Enterprises in New York, 315/391-1471. A 16-ounce bottle retails for $30 and includes two towels.

Packaging 1.7/2

Instructions 1.9/2

Ease of use 1.8/2

Price 1.6/2
Effectiveness 2/2

Total 9.0/10

Dri Wash ’n Guard

Las Vegas, Nev.



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