Carbon Fiber Hand Guards

The phrase “You get what you pay for” applies to RPM Composites Carbon Fiber Hand Guards. They’re likely the most expensive guard setup available for snowmobiles, but they’re worth every penny for riders who value more protection, the highest-quality construction and a cool appearance. The carbon fiber finish was a good match for our black Polaris Dragon.

Unlike typical plastic hand guards and mounts that flex and vibrate, RPM’s guards mounted on our sled last season with a machined aluminum bracket system that held firm. Once the guards were bolted in place — a simple job that took less than 15 minutes — the guards didn’t move; even when we stretched a tight, form-fitting travel cover over the sled. The cup-shaped guards provided outstanding protection that blocked the wind and protected our hands from tree branches and roosted snow, ice and rocks.

The mount system is adjustable for a custom fit, but ours fit perfectly from the get-go. I give RPM Composites’ hand guards an A+ rating for their flawless function, easy installation and cool design.
— Andy Swanson

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