Vanished 2007 Polaris 900 RMK

Quality problems may have driven down the demand for Polaris’ 900cc engine, but could scarcity drive up the demand for unsold 2006 900 RMKs?

Polaris announced the model to the media in January — and then dropped it prior to its dealer meeting in March, but not before several sample units had been built.

Forward-thinking collectors will be disappointed to know that this not going to be like the 1982 Yamaha SRX 500, which were built but never sold. “We never put them into production,” said Pat Bourgeois, spokesman for Polaris. “There were probably only five built.” The exact fate of those five units is unclear, though. Bourgeois said they were likely scrapped or recycled for other testing projects.
The machine was deep-sixed during final testing stages when engine mounts failed pre-production testing.

Polaris’ new RMK platform, dubbed “Raw,” is more rigid to allow for reduced weight. The increased rigidity transmitted more vibration than previous RMK chassis.

“We’re going to take some pain in the [high-displacement mountain] market until we can do it right,” said Matt Lube, long-track product manager for the 2007 line. It’s highest-displacement mountain machine is now the 700 CFI RMK package.

Polaris may not have a 900 RMK for the 2007, but it’s not forgotten, Bourgeois said. “We prefer to use the word ‘suspended,’” he said of the machine. “It could come back, but not for ’07.”

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