MX Z Adrenaline, 600 HO Fusion and F6 Firecat

Overall, I wasn’t confident on the 2005 MX Z last year because it pushed in soft snow, but that all changed with the ‘06 updates. Now I don’t have to worry about careening into a gulch that would swallow and hurt me.

Even though I couldn’t get the suspensions dialed in, the MX Z Adrenaline was by far the best of the four 600-class sleds we tested. It bottomed, but it was tolerable.

My second favorite of the bunch, but far behind the MX Z, is the 600 HO Fusion. I couldn’t find a good suspension setup on this, or any friggin’ machine for that matter, and it drove me nuts.

I like the Fusion’s seating position and ergos. I like the adjustability of the Rider Select Steering System.
The handlebar grips are too abrasive and I felt violated by the chaincase protruding into the right footwell. I hate, hate, hated that I couldn’t get my boot all the way in there.

My third choice is the F6 Firecat. If the sled is moving, the engine is snappy and if the trails are smooth, it’s easy to drive.
I put this sled ahead of the Nytro because it’s an all-around good sled. It’s easy to throw the rear end out in a corner and I know how it will react to my input.

I don’t like the seating position of the F6, especially after riding back to back with the other sleds. The seat and handlebars are too low and I end up hunched over.

My fourth pick is the Nytro. I love the new ergos, but I could do without the raw racer look with exposed wires. The windshield looks cool, but it offers a cold ride.

As for engine performance, I give it an A. Though the power didn’t blow me away, it was there when I needed it.
The rear suspension didn’t work for me because I couldn’t dial it in on the roller coaster trails. It was fine when the bumps smoothed out, but in the big bumps …

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