Brian Bewcyk Wins The Eagle River Pole

After setting the fastest lap time in Thursday qualifying, Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Brain Bewcyk showed he indeed has the speed when he secured the Pole Position by winning the World Snowmobile Headquarters-sponsored Sweet Sixteen final during the Eagle River Friday Night Thunder program.

The top sixteen competitors from Thursday’s time trial qualifications took to the oval Friday night in two heats of eight drivers for an 8-lap race. The top five competitors from each heat moved on to the 10-machine special qualifier, but only seven drivers took to the starting line. After a convincing win in the 16-lap race, Bewcyk moved directly to the pole position for Sunday’s World Championship race. Bewcyk will not be required to compete in any other qualifying events while the other nine competitors remain seeded in the conventional format for Saturday’s rounds of qualifying.

Second place was three-time winner P.J. Wanderscheid, who many fans and competing drivers are expecting to win his fourth World Championship on Sunday. Stay tuned for continuing coverage all weekend long from the 46th running of the Amsoil Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby.


Thursday Qualifying (fastest lap):

35.546                        39            Brian Bewzyk                       Ski-Doo

36.487                        10            Fan Fenhaus                        Polaris

36.628                        22            Brandon Johnson                 Polaris

36.657                        74            Dustin Wahl                        Polaris

36.708                        2              Mike Poach                         Houle

36.821                        66            Gary Moyle                         Ski-Doo

36.858                        20            Brad Bettin                         Polaris

36.882                        58            Cardel Potter                      Wahl/Ski-Doo

37.303                        33            Malcolm Chartier                Ski-Doo

37.334                        28            P.J. Wanderscheid               Arctic Cat

37.366                        16x          Joey Fjerstad                      Polaris

37.461                        99            Shane Peterson                  Wahl

37.736                        2              Joel Diamond                     Ski-Doo


37.742                        180          Nick Dolezal                      Ski-Doo

38.227                        13            Nick VanStrydonk              Polaris

38.375                        77            Cory Ewing                        Arctic Cat

38.799                        66x          Jason LaVallee                   Wahl

38.813                        65            Mitch Diamond                 Ski-Doo

38.933                        23            Jacob Beres                       WEB

40.131                        86            John Van Rite                    Arctic Cat

40.521                        1             Michael Lehman                 Ski-Doo

40.881                        244         Paul Tod                            Ski-Doo

42.04                          145          Jay Ryden                          Polaris

DNF                            16            Jeff DeJong                        Ski-Doo

DNS                            38            Matt Schultz                      Polaris

DNS                           41AK         Mike Smith                        Arctic Cat



Friday Night Thunder Class Results (Finals):


Pro Sprint 500

  1. Beau Van Strydonk (Polaris)
  2. Travis MacDonald (Ski-Doo)
  3. Steve Hanke (Arctic Cat)

Semi Pro Champ 440

  1. Joey Fjerstad (Polaris)
  2. Travis MacDonald (Ski-Doo)
  3. Curtis Boivin (Polaris)
  4. Jeff DeJong (Ski-Doo)
  5. Jacob Beres (WEB)
  6. John Van Rite (Arctic Cat)
  7. David Pettinelli (N/A)
  8. Richard Scroggs (Ski-Doo)
  9. Eric Proden (N/A)
  10. Brian McCurdy Jr. (Arctic Cat)

Formula 500

  1. Scott Clark (Polaris)
  2. Ryan Kniskern (Arctic Cat)
  3. Eric Buchholz (Polaris)
  4. Ben Harris (Polaris)
  5. John Henke (Polaris)
  6. Ken Lacy (Polaris)
  7. Greg Davis (Polaris)
  8. Bryan Fischer (Polaris)
  9. DNF- Jeremy Sauter (Polaris)
  10.  DNF- Johnny Olson (Polaris)

Junior III 600 Sprint

  1. Beau VanStrydonk (Polaris)
  2. Michael Urban (Polaris)
  3. Gunnar Sterne (Wahl)
  4. Matthew Ritchie (Polaris)
  5. Max Hogland (Arctic Cat)

120 Champ

1.     Manny Drexler (Polaris)

2.     Jake Drexler (Polaris)

3.     Dillin Prusheik (Arctic Cat)

4.     Garet Grzadzielewski (Polaris)

5.     Dylon Waldvogel (Polaris)

6.     Logan Kilichowski (Arctic Cat)

7.     James Raffauf (Arctic Cat)

8.     Dayton Moyle (Arctic Cat)

9.     Kai Hanson (Polaris)

10.  Mason Koenig (Polaris)

11.  Abigale Kiklinski (Polaris)

12.  Scott McColl (Arctic Cat)


Sport Super Stock

  1. Jake Muller (Arctic Cat)
  2. Jay Mittelstaedt (Polaris)
  3. Garrett Goodwin (Ski-Doo)
  4. Zak Mason (Ski-Doo)
  5. Scott Ramker (Polaris)
  6. Ben Pitlik (Ski-Doo)
  7. Brett Nastala (Polaris)
  8. Jake Denison (Polaris)
  9. Jeremy Cullen (Polaris)
  10. Daniel Enner (Polaris)
  11. Matt Greenwood (Polaris)
  12. Austin Fenner (Ski-Doo)
  13.  DNF- Tyler Francois (Polaris)

Pro Open

  1. Shaun Crapo (Polaris)
  2. Cory Davis (Arctic Cat)
  3. Justin Broberg (Ski-Doo)
  4. Derek Ellis (Polaris)
  5. Mike Bauer  (Polaris)
  6. Chirs Kafka (Polaris)
  7. Derek Elliot (Arctic Cat)
  8. Ryan Carey (Polaris)
  9. Bill Smith (Polaris)
  10. Mike Hudecek (Ski-Doo)
  11. Kory Hodkiewicz (Polaris)


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