Snowmobile Boots: Did You Know?

HMK Boa Lacing Boots
HMK Boa Lacing Boots

Did you know that the Boa lacing system used on some snowmobile boots is guaranteed for life? We didn’t know this until after the wire “lace” broke on one of Snow Goer Art Director Randy Kepner’s HMK Voyager Boa boots while covering the Eagle River Snowmobile Derby a couple weeks ago.

Kepner contacted HMK, who directed him to Boa’s website where he could redeem the company’s guarantee. The process to take advantage of Boa’s ‘Dialed In For Life’ guarantee was really simple.

Customers click on a button on the lower left corner of Boa’s home page and follow the prompts to fill out contact information, a description of the problem and a few other details. After filling out the page, users are brought to the shopping page where they select the parts they need to repair their Boa lace system.

Warranty covers Boa reels and lace; parts sewn to the footwear are not covered. Repair kits include instructions and necessary tools. Standard shipping is free, but it can be expedited for a few bucks.

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