Motorfist Sub Zero Glove Review

Motorfist Sub Zero glove review
Leather for Motorfist Sub Zero gloves looks and feels like premium quality cowhide.

Motorfist Sub Zero gloves are a full-leather, gauntlet-style glove with 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation on the back and 100 grams on the palm side – the side that holds onto the the heated handlebar. Other features include waterproof construction, a goggle squeegee on the left thumb, adjustable wrist strap and articulated fingers for more comfort and flexibility. They’re available in all-black leather with subtle “Motorfist” branding on top near the knuckles and the Motorfist fist embossed on the palm.

Leather material for Motorfist Sub Zero gloves feels soft and supple, so it seems to be of premium quality. Stitching is tight, neat and clean and my size medium pair fit my mitts very well – they truly impress as being a premium, cold-weather snowmobiling glove that doesn’t feel bulky. I’ve worn other extreme-weather gloves for snowmobiling that were too bulky for me to feel like I had a good grip on the handlebar, but the Motorfist Sub Zero gloves felt great.

In cold weather – colder than zero degrees F – my hands and fingers stayed warm out to the last knuckle, but my fingertips were consistently cold. Perhaps my palms stayed warm because of the snowmobile’s hand warmers. It seems like these gloves work well for me down to about 10 degrees F. Colder than that I needed to wear my older cold-weather gloves that keep my hands and fingertips warm.

Despite that my pair of Motorfist Sub Zero gloves didn’t meet my expectations for warmth during cold rides, I recommend checking them out because they’re made from premium materials, they fit well and they’re comfortable to wear. If only these gloves were warmer …. For snowmobilers whose hands are more resistant to cold than mine, the Motorfist Sub Zero is worth consideration.

Sub Zero Glove – $169.99
Idaho Falls, Idaho

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