Cold Tested: Caliber Products Inc. Ramp Pro

The Caliber Inc. Ramp Pro is versatile enough for many different uses.

On a sunny day last June on which heading to the shop seemed like a better idea than working at a desk, we assembled and briefly tested Caliber Product’s Ramp Pro universal ramp.

Although we were not yet able to test the ramp in the winter, after both assembling the ramp and then using it to load and unload a Polaris Sportman 570 ATV and Yamaha Sidewinder L-TX sled multiple times, we came away with some conclusions.

The Ramp Pro is versatile and has the ability to transport ATVs, sleds, golf carts and other recreational vehicles with ease. Structurally it appeared very sturdy, with a strong aluminum build and noticeably reinforced welds at connection points, but without being cumbersome. Simply put, the 50-pound ramp felt well-built without being overly bulky or unnecessarily heavy.

The Caliber Inc. Ramp Pro loading a Yamaha Sidewinder L-TX. Click to enlarge.

The 90-inch running length provides a steady incline angle – offering the operator peace of mind – while the 52-inch width provides a stable platform and the ability to load the widest of sleds. The entire ramp secures tightly to a truck hitch via a ratchet strap (which is included).

The runners are fully gripped with no space in-between like some ramps we have utilized. During our use there was enough traction to easily walk up and down the ramp – a nice touch for loading up any additional gear before you go riding. Rubber grippers also line the contact points where the ramp connects with the truck bed to avoid slippage.

Although the ramp itself comes completely assembled and ready to use, we definitely recommend purchasing the accessory middle bar grips if you plan to use the ramp with a studded sled. After a few trips up and down on our studded Sidewinder the grips were noticeably marked from use, further proving their function and ultimate worth.

During installation of the grips, after measurement drill the center hole first, then fasten the grip with the provided screws, and proceed to the next holes after; doing this will avoid any accidental shifting that can occur when pre-drilling all holes at once. Complete assembly took us about 15 minutes.

The tri-fold ramp collapses down to 26 inches wide so it fits comfortably either under our ATV or along the side of our sled. Overall, the Ramp Pro provides ample bang for the buck. We walked away impressed with its ease of use, wide range of applications and quality buiild. 

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