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    John Prusak

    I’ve got messages in to USSA, ISR and Derby Track officials, but in case anybody from the oval world happens to check in here, I figured I might as well try here too….

    So… we’ll be doing the Fantasy Snowmobile Racing Challenge game again this year for both snocross and ovals. Snocross is always fairly straight forward in terms of who is in and who is out… ovals? That’s always a bit more difficult to come up with a complete driver list. So, I already know some of the answers (like Potter being out, Sterne, Van Strydonk, Stephenson and several others being in), but for the sake of having a complete list, below are a group of racers who appeared in a Champ race at some point last year, and below that is another list of folks who either were listed in last year’s game and didn’t race, or who bumped up from Pro-Lite or something at some point during the year.

    If you know the status of any or all of these racers for this year, let me know.

    Jake Beres
    Sabrina Blanchet
    Colt Dellandrea
    Brandon Grendzinski
    Glen Hart
    John Henke
    Nick LaGoy
    Danick Lambert
    Travis MacDonald
    Tom Olson
    Cardell Potter
    Blaine Stephenson
    Gunnar Sterne
    Nick Van Strydonk

    Group B
    Mike Hakey
    Cody Knutson
    Steven Marquis
    Andy Nordine
    Keith Wojciechowski
    Jeremy DuQuaine


    Good afternoon John,

    Good to see the Forums back up and running on snowgoer. Might be worth noting on Facebook.

    As for the drivers you have listed I would count OUT Duquaine, Kieth, Cody, Cardell, Glen and Brandon. Not sure on Andy or Mike…. Steven Marquis would also be in

    Matt Bennett intends on running the Cup and ive also heard that Matt Geode is coming back. Sounds like Davis Jennings will be at ironwood ….

    Id also note that with the new rules your going to have alot of new prolite guys that dont have a choice. Sunday is suppose to be an A main B main set up for the Cup with No prolite for the day. So they have to bump up or sit out.

    Im sure im missing some… This is only what i’ve read and heard

    – John #157

    John Prusak

    Thanks, John — make sure to smile for the pictures when zooming past me in turn 1 (Fri and Sat night) or turn 4 (Sunday) at E.R…. and down run me over down there! Good luck this season.

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