BRP and LYNX stealing Arctic Cat names. Time we ban BRP entirely.

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    Dear Snow Goer:

    I want to get something off of my chest. I am not happy with BRP and the lawsuit they have done with Arctic Cat. Now let you know of course, I am an Arctic Cat fan since the early 1970s when my father brought home us a new Kitty Cat and himself a new Panther to replace aging Fox Trac (I drove it before the Kitty Cat since 1969). Anyway, It appears that BRP has so much anger against Arctic Cat and the lawsuit back in 1996 for something else that Arctic Cat won. This time, Skidoo wanted the American brand not to be sold in Canada. Now, excuse, me, why the heck BRP now brought back the March Z. Ah, the Z belongs to Arctic Cat since 1970s when they had that as a racing sled, the 440Z if you recall that. And the Lynx. The Lynx is a Cat name. Now, I want to refer to two or three major cases. White Castle v. White Tower that White Tower copied anything such as appearance, food, and even name too similar. White Castle which was first won the 20 years long lawsuit. The other case is the Fawcett-DC-Timed Comic book brands. OK, I am mainly focus on Captain Marvel that Fawcett created their own version of main superhero that DC had as Superman. To make that story short, DC ended up got permission to buy and publish Captain Marvel but had to name as SHAZAM! on the covers because of Timed Comic Books took the name when DC was not publishing Captain Marvel. So, Timed renamed as Marvel Comics. This confused people. You see where I am getting with the Lynx Brand and the Arctic Cat brand? This needs to be stopped and Arctic Cat needs to keep that as cat name. I am bit disappointed in Arctic Cat for not naming cats likes of Jag, Panther, Pentera, Lynx, Puma, Cougar, etc. But they should keep those names. Now BRP is eating away Arctic Cat with the March Z whereas the Z really belongs to Arctic Cat. And the Lynx really belongs to Arctic Cat HERE in North America although the Lynx Brand was started in Finland almost the same time as Arctic Cat but its Arctic Cat’s territory here in North America. Because of BRP treatment as I see as Anti-American. I am declaring I am anti-BRP and Anti-Finland Lynx brands. I only will recognize Arctic Cat, Polaris, and Yamaha.

    Should I maybe start my own version of Skidoo in the United States so that Skidoo can have just Canadian market? Sure, maybe I can do that. Now how BRP feel? EXACTLY my point, BRP, get your Lynx and Skidoo out of the United States, period. Leave us alone! Arctic Cat, Polaris, Yamaha, I am rooting for all of your brands! Woo! Like Mercury used to say, “We got the Cat’s Meow!”

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