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John Prusak

Good afternoon, Russ:

I can confirm that your picks are officially in for the 2020 Snowmobile Racing Challenge…. they were actually for 1997-98, though, so you picks converted over the (1) Terry Wahl (2) Dale Loritz (3) Jeff Ludwig (4) Jacques Villeneuve and (5) Jim Schmidt. Hope that’s not a problem!

But seriously, I think I’ve got the reply message gig fixed, but we “borrow” the plug-in that runs the fantasy game from a third-party source, and I think the company that built it isn’t even around anymore so it’s rather wonky (as you’ve undoubtedly seen over the years!!).

RE: the webcast of this weekend, you can subscribe to speedshiftTV for $40 for a month and get the live webcast… seems like a lot in one sense, but considering Eagle River is in the same month, it would be worth it to me — if I wasn’t going to Eagle River, but I am, so…