Top 5 Positive Things About Snowmobiling, by Ed Klim

Sure, we all wish for more snow, and then more snow after that. But aside from the weather, there’s a lot going on in the snowmobile market that is very positive, according to Ed Klim, the president of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association. This winter, we asked Ed to tell us five positive things he’s noticed for a guest Friday Fast Five list that first appeared in the Spring issue of Snow Goer magazine (still available on select newsstands, by the way).

Ed Klim Snowmobile
Ed Klim, president of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association.

1. Snowmobiles are advanced, technological wonders — Today’s new snowmobiles are cleaner, quieter and more efficient than ever before. The engineering teams are on a roll inventing amazing products for all of us to enjoy.

2. Snowmobile clothing is better — Not only is the new riding gear warmer, more comfortable and better fitting, but the looks are much improved as well.  You can actually wear your snowmobile jacket to the mall.  The new clothing keeps you warm and toasty even on the coldest of winter days, yet is comfortable and light to wear and warmer winter days.

3. Snowmobile creature comforts have made a big difference —  I love the heated seats and new suspension systems on modern sleds. And more creature comforts will be coming in future years.

4.  More women are snowmobiling — Snowmobiling is and always has been a family sport for many people, but sometimes snowmobiling weekends in popular sledding hotspots have been male dominated. Increasingly, however, women riders are becoming more involved in the sport. Plus, most of us enjoy the calming and comfortable influence of a woman while snowmobiling!

5. Snowmobile trailers are greatly improved — While they can still happen, roadside breakdowns with trailers are less common than they used to be. Modern snowmobile trailers are easier to tow, easier to load, and the light systems usually work.


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