The Forecast Calls For Winter

I’ve seen it – the snow is coming!

Two weeks ago, I found myself in central Utah for the Tread Lightly board of directors meeting. Before I got there, it was in the mid-70s. After I left? It was supposed to get back into the 70s. While I was there?


October 6 in Utah -- fall mixed with winter

A fresh coating of bright white fell overnight, covering the green grass and creating a spectacular scene. With the fall colors in full bloom – most notably, the white-trunked aspens showcasing bright yellow leaves, intermixed with other trees featuring bright greens, browns and oranges – Mother Nature used her full color pallet to decorate the landscape.

There are about three snowmobilers on the board of directors, and we all spent way too much time staring out the window and dreaming of winter, as expected. But even grumpy Californians and southerners on the board were amazed by the sight. Christmas came on October 6.

But we weren’t alone in Utah. Much of the Mountain West experienced their first notable snow of the fall that week, from California’s Sierra Nevadas straight through to Colorado’s eastern Rockies, with more than two feet in some areas.

Since then, more snow has fallen here and there, with the first taste of winter in locations from coast to coast.

Of course, we all know that these early snows mean little – it’s not like we can go riding yet. But they just set the mood.

More important are the long-range forecasts. The weather experts talk about a wild La Nina weather pattern, with most agreeing that it will be colder than normal in much of the country (yeah!) but some variation in predictions on how much and where the snow will fly.

I, of course, tend only to believe the predictions of heavier-than-normal snowfall and tune out the predictions of “only” average snow this winter, but I may be biased (you think?).

Either way, with the days getting short, the nights getting longer, the mornings and evenings becoming downright brisk, and that tease of snow in Utah a couple of weeks ago, my mood is getting better by the day. As the general manager at a local powersports dealership said to me yesterday, “Oh yeah, the snowmobilers have been in here a lot yesterday. They’re crazy.”

Yes we are, thank you very much!

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