After a hot and dusty start on Saturday, the Haydays grounds near North Branch, Minnesota, were cool and wet on Sunday after the hot air blew away and light rain settled in. Check out these aerial photographs of the grounds taken from the vantage point of a drone aircraft.

Chad Colby, a friend of the Snow Goer crew and a former snowmobile racer, shot them Friday evening and Sunday. The overhead view gives perspective of the massive size of the annual Sno Barons Haydays Grass Drags and Swap Meet.

Racer pits and the grass drag strip are along the southern edge of the property, and the serpentine course in the corner is the ATV and UTV test track. The area in the middle of the grounds with the large ramps is the freestyle course surrounded by the Terracross track.

The SG staff was to the left of the red beer trailer in a square, white tent near the grass drag finish line with a white trailer and white pickup behind it, near the fence. Enjoy the show!

[satellite auto=off caption=on thumbs=on]

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