This is the time of year when the weather people, along with those in office buildings talking around the water cooler, go berserk. It’s March, and for much of the Snowbelt, it’s the time of weather haphazardness. Weather people have to stay on the ball predicting it, and people never have a shortage to talk about.

March comes around and with it are people who get spring expectations once the thermometers start pinging on 50 degrees. They start cleaning golf clubs thinking the driving range will be open. Dripping rain gutters are audible through open windows, letting a home’s stale interior free itself of winter pet dander. Maybe even the occasional neighborhood has a few souls bucket washing the SUV in a driveway.

While I enjoy the occasional touch of spring on a March afternoon, I laugh at the optimism. Hey, I know spring is around the corner but I’m not rushing things because I know that March is a fabulous riding month.

We have our annual Rode Reports in March (our staff just returned — it went very well thank you). I usually have a few more rides planned and a few more products to test that force me to go where snow remains. But I also know that the weather haphazardness causes events like what happened yesterday across the Midwest. A blizzard!

And this was a good one. Whiteouts. Major highways closed. Kids celebrating a day off from school. And lots of people pulling the rope for a ride. March is a great snow month. Even though snow doesn’t stick around for long, keep sleds on the ready. There’s a few weeks of season left.

March snow totals is the real source of my delight with March. I know that all those optimistic golfers are going to be disappointed when one day the drive by a driving range with the last crusty snow is about to evaporate under the warm, spring sun, and the next the distance markers are blanketed under billowy drifts of white. Nothing against golfers. I swing clubs myself, but I don’t get false hopes for an early season. No sir, it’s still time to ride snowmobiles.


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