Grass Drags This Weekend, And More Sled-Related Fun Is Coming!

  Have you noticed the earlier sunsets in the past few weeks? I have, and a couple of nights this week the nighttime air blowing in the bedroom window actually felt a little bit cold.

            Oh sure, the forecast for the Minneapolis area is calling for highs to return to close to 90 degrees starting tomorrow with increased humidity, but the kids are going back to school in 9 days (much to many parents’ delight!), I watched a great football game last night and the panfish have gotten harder to catch – it must mean that our long summer is finally drawing to a close.

            Further proof is offered by this weekend’s snowmobiling events. Here in Minnesota, it’s known as “Princeton Weekend,” as the Outlaw Grass Drags kick off today in a just north of the Twin Cities. Grass drag racing, aftermarket product vendors, ATV demo rides, a monstrous swap meet – what’s not to like?!

            Meanwhile, the “snowmobiling boys of summer” here in the Upper Midwest close out their International Watercross Association season this weekend in Wausau, Wisconsin.

            In two weeks, we’ve got Haydays, then the events will start falling like dominoes – the Michigan Cup at Onstead, the big New Hampshire Snowmobile Association Grass Drags and Watercross in Fremont. Mix in the fall snowmobile shows like our Big East Snowmobile Show in Syracuse, New York, Leisure Features’ Snowmobile USA shows in Novi, Michigan, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Expo in Denver…. Next thing you know we’ll be prepping sleds and heading to early season snocross races!


            So don’t despair, my fellow snowmobilers. Winter will in fact be here soon. But between now and then, there is plenty to do to get your snowmobiling fix!

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