Fantasy NASCAR Game Set Up On

OK, I admit it, I’m a NASCAR geek. I was raised in a motorsports family, and pretty much love any event that turns gas into noise. In fact, with some of the folks on our Trash Talkers message board, I’ve been involved in a Fantasy NASCAR game for several years now.

          Now, we have our own Fantasy NASCAR game based off of our own web site! We’re utilizing the same software provider that has been behind our Snowmobile Racing Challenge and Snow Goer Make-Over Photo Contest (upickem), so if you’ve signed up for either of those, you can opt right into this contest. If not, sign up is easy and free, and the game is a lot of fun.

         In the game, players select the top 10 racers for each NASCAR race in order, and get points based upon how those drivers do in the race. I’ll pull together a few prize packages for select races and the year-end champ. Here’s a link so you can join in the fun: Snow Goer NASCAR Game.

          I’ve already made my picks for Daytona — who else is in?!


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