Fall Snow Shows: They’re Worth It!

“It’s a couple hours away – do you think it’s worth the drive?”

                That question was posted on social media recently about the Big East Powersports Show, which is this weekend (Sept. 27-29) in Syracuse, New York.

Let me start with this caveat: We at Snow Goer produce the Big East Show, so we have a vested interest in the answer to that question. However, we also attend many other fall snowmobile events, so let’s pretend for a second that that the person in question asked about some other big snowmobile show/event in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Hampshire or Colorado, for example – or even a big dealer open house, for that matter – because my answer would be the same:

snowmobile shows
Going to snowmobile shows and events in the fall puts riders or would-be riders in the right mindset going into winter.

“If you’re a snowmobiler and you want to ride more this winter, it’s absolutely worth it!”

So how does attendance at a fall snowmobile event in September or October result in more riding in January, February or March? It sets the right attitude going into the season.

As a part of Team Snow Goer, I’ve been attending snowmobile events for the past 26 autumns, so some people (including some family and friends!) might think it gets old or repetitive after a while. However, starting with Haydays in Minnesota the weekend after Labor Day and then rolling through the Novi Snowmobile USA Show in Michigan in November, the fall shows get me amped up every single year.

At the shows, I become more engaged in snowmobiling earlier in the year: I’m picking up trail maps, talking to resort owners, checking out new gear and hanging out with other enthusiastic snowmobilers talking about adventures we could make this winter. Sparkling clean sleds are begging for attention, performance parts are beckoning, action videos are playing, things I want or need are everywhere, acquaintances are being renewed – for me, it’s almost an intoxicating experience.

Making the mental transition toward winter isn’t always easy – and it’s sometimes simple to just let one weekend tumble into the next; the holidays come and go, maybe followed by a couple of ultra-cold weekends in January, and then next thing you know it’s mid-February and the season is getting short. Don’t let that happen – you own those sleds for a reason, you’re not getting any young: It’s time to expand on all of the great memories you’ve built in this sport.

So, do you want to ride more this winter? Get yourself to a big snowmobiling event this fall, soak in the atmosphere and allow the desire to ride build within yourself. It’s worth it.   

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One thought on “Fall Snow Shows: They’re Worth It!

  • Avatar for Mario Silvestri

    Personally as an avid snowmobiler (47yrs.) I never get enough of my addiction. I am now handicapped by a bad ankle that I’m going to need surgery for but will be at Syracuse (only 1 1/2 hr. drive) and the International Motorsports Show in Toronto (5 hr. drive). And I usually get up to Quebec once or twice a season to start my season early and end it late (9 hr.) drive. And, I have friends coming from Connecticut and Montreal who will also be going to Toronto. So, if you ask me YES it’s worth it and I’m sure there are many other addicted riders out there. And thank you Snow Goer for all you do for our sport. Ride on!


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