Brutal Take: Go Ahead And Count The Errors!

A current Polaris snowmobile with a 925cc engine? A Yamaha with 15-inch wide skis? An Arctic Cat with adjustable track length? A brake system that’s apparently driven off of the rear suspension’s preload spring adjustment?

Welcome to an outsider’s view of our sport, thanks to a video posted on Youtube this week.

Something called Glame TOP 5 has a new video entitled “Top 5 Fastest SNOWMOBILES In The World You Can Buy.”  It pulls together some stock video from the factories plus some footage from some known sources (Snowtrax, Sledhead 24-7, etc.) to “educate” folks on the best and brightest sleds in our market.

The problem? Whoever wrote the script is brutally uninformed. It’s actually rather comical, in a strange sort of way, with lines like, “this snowmobile handles avoidance maneuvers requiring quick acceleration like a powerful tiger without causing instability in the rear end.” What? That’s followed by, “Lastly, don’t forget that this is a turbo four-stroke snowmobile with a 998cc so you can ride at full throttle all day without wiping out.”

The video edits are also rather brutal – showing utility, mountain and two-up snowmobiles when talking about trail rippers or pointing to sled parts that have nothing to do with what’s being spoken about .  

We probably shouldn’t direct people to this miserable information source, but it’s so horrible that we thought you might enjoy it. It’s posted below. Go ahead and count the mistakes!   

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