Big East Show: Kilts, Piercings And Suspensions

 A man in a kilt, various piercings and plenty of tramp stamps. This, and a whole lot more, is what we’ve spotted from our booth this morning and early afternoon here at the Big East Snowmobile Show in Syracuse, New York.

Facing the camera in the black shirt is Hall-O-Famer Gerard Karpik, answering questions about his Assault air shocks.

           The show is abuzz with activity again today, with a sizable crowd checking out the latest and greatest in new sleds and aftermarket products. It’s been so busy, in fact, that we haven’t had a chance to talk to many of the other vendors to see what’s truly new here at the show – everybody is too busy cutting deals.

            That said, we have spied a few interesting things for those looking for improved ride quality. To wit:

  • If you want to meet a hall of fame snowmobile racer and engineer – and check out a new suspension setup – that can be accomplished by visiting Gerard “King” Karpik on the lower level of the show. Karpik’s Team FAST company is showing off its complete RAV-Tek suspension system, featuring four of the company’s Assault air shocks. He’s also been asked to sign a couple of autographs by fans who are digging seeing the one-time cross-country hero, and developer of the game-changing M-10 rear suspension.
    Utah-based ZBros is in Syracuse, showcasing their EXIT shock setups.
  • Utah-based ZBroz Racing is showcasing its ARS FX suspension setups and EXIT shocks for sleds, as well as ATVs and UTVs. Depending on the setup you choose, the EXITs can feature triple-rate spring setups, piggyback reservoirs and external compression adjustments.
  • Hygear Suspension is showcasing its various shocks and shocks services, including repping Custom Axis shocks here at the show.

As noted yesterday, there are a whole lot of ski options here as well, and those looking for traction products have a ton of options, and some top factory people here to help with some advice. Woody’s, Fast-Trac, Stud Boy, Roetin and Snowmobile Studs all have booths here staffed with people that can direct you to the right size, number and pattern for your application.

The shows are a great place to get traction advice. This crowd is gathered around Fast-Trac owner Terry Weiland and his team.

            Check back later, and we’ll have a rundown of some of the other highlights from the show, or click here to see the story from last night.

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