A Christmas Resolution? Go Riding!

Is it too early to set resolutions?
I know, resolutions are technically for New Year’s Day, but most of those resolutions are also long-term, positive plans that never come true. Lose weight, donate more to charity, drink less, blah, blah, blah. By March 18, most who make those resolutions have put on 10 pounds, spend more on high-end coffee than do-gooder causes and are waking up with a killer hangover after putting another St. Patrick’s Day behind them.
So, this being Christmas Eve, it’s time for a short-term, realistic resolution: Go riding sometime between now and New Year’s.
I write this as somebody who just got done widening my driveway by pushing back the snowbanks outside of my house. Here in the western suburbs of Minnesota, the snowy start of our season has created snowbanks that neither one of my snowblower clears when I get close to the bank. Instead, the snow comes out of the shoot, hit the six foot tall wall on the end of the driveway and falls back in.
Meanwhile, friends from central New York are having an unbelievable start to winter as well. Syracuse, the site of our annual Big East Snowmobile Show, has already seen 71.9 inches of snow on the ground, and there’s a lot more in the forecast. Quite a change from last year!
Not everybody has this much snow, of course, so a local ride may not be available to everybody. But if it’s close, take a spin in the next week. It’s an excellent family sport, but you also have helmets on most of the time – so, you get to spend quality time, yet you don’t have to listen to your loved ones complain about what they did or didn’t get for Christmas!
Plus, it’s also an excellent get-away-from-the-inlaws sport as well, if the long holiday weekend has put you in a situation where you need a break.
The trails are open from coast to coast wherever there’s snow, so go run over a couple million snowflakes sometime in the next week. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

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