5 Snowmobile Related Things To Do This Weekend

Welcome to the last weekend in January – prime snowmobiling time if there ever was one. While not everybody has snow right outside of their door on this weekend, there is a lot going on in the snowmobile world. And, to celebrate that, we offer this week’s Friday Fast Five: 5 Snowmobile-Related Things To Do This Weekend. Each event name is a link to where you can find out more.

1)      Attend the Waconia Ride-In – Also known as the Midwest Vintage Snowmobile Show, “Waconia” is a magic word for collectors and riders of old snowmobiles. It draws thousands of people each winter to a frozen lake in Waconia, Minnesota, a distant southwestern exurb of Minneapolis. Name a brand and you’ll see it here, not in a stodgy museum but actually in action, running across the lake. The event includes an 11-mile ride of vintage sleds, drag racing, oval racing, banquets, shows, charity auctions, loud snowmobile contests and much, much more.

2)      Watch X Games Aspen – If you can’t break away from the family or other commitments this weekend to attend an event or ride, you can still think snowmobiling from the comfort of your favorite BarcaLounger. It’s X Games weekend on ESPN and ABC, and there are five snowmobiling events included in this high-profile extreme sports event. Snowmobile Freestyle occurred last night, but Snowmobile Best Trick, Snowmobile SnoCross (ESPN’s spelling), Snowmobile SnoCross Adaptive and Snowmobile Speed & Style are still coming this weekend. If you decide to take in Sunday’s snocross action, make sure to sign up to play our Snowmobile Racing Challenge game. It’s free, and you could win prizes.

3)      Go To The Snodeo In Rangeley – Snowmobilers in New England have a lot of great events, but there is one can’t miss gathering that occurs way up in Maine each January: It’s the Rangeley Snodeo. From demo rides to fireworks, pig roasts to sleigh rides, live entertainment to a snowmobile parade featuring Monty The Moose, Snodeo is a massive celebration of winter in general and snowmobiling in particular. And, yes Virginia, they do have really, really good snow in Maine this year.

4)    Take In The Wausau 525 – If last weekend’s Eagle River World Championship piqued your curiosity or interest in high speed snowmobile oval racing, the Wausau 525 races on the Wisconsin-based USSA circuit can help cement your role as an oval racing junkie. This great event, held in loving memory and honor of late racer Flip Merwin, has it all – great racing, a festive atmosphere, a first-class, custom-built racing facility and much more. It’s also the third stop on the high-dollar TLR Cup, meaning virtually all of the top racers will be there.

5)      Go Snowmobiling! – Maybe there isn’t snow right outside your back door again this year. Maybe good, ridable snow is a little bit farther from home than you’d like. Don’t use that as an excuse to miss out on the very best powersports activity available. There’s a reason you’re on a snowmobiling website right now – YOU LIKE TO RIDE! There are pockets of great snow in the West; northern Minnesota and key destinations in Michigan are filling in; many areas in Ontario and Quebec are in fine shape; and big snows have recently come to key riding destinations in New York and elsewhere in the northeast. Quit making excuses, go hook up the trailer, strap down the sled and drive to the snow. It’s the last weekend in January: Stop waiting for local snow and go to where the snow is.

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