PRESS RELEASE: Divas SnowGear Announces Brand Ambassadors


For immediate release: Divas SnowGear Announces Brand Ambassadors

After receiving over 1500 impressive applications, Divas SnowGear (DSG) is excited to announce the 37 brand ambassadors selected to represent DSG during the 2014-2015 season. Every application that DSG received was extremely impressive. All of the women who applied showed great dedication to the sport of snowmobiling in addition to that, their desire to get more women involved in the sport was apparent. Due to such high-level applicants, the selection process was a daunting and difficult task. The selection committee sorted through applications and chose the final ambassadors based on geographical region, riding experience, and involvement in the sport.wgriding

The DSG brand ambassadors will be representing us at trade shows, events, testing riding gear & giving their feedback while riding in their favorite spots. They will be keeping everyone updated on their adventures through our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and our blog. Our ambassadors are scattered across the US and Canada, so everyone will have the opportunity to see riding pictures from across North America.

“I couldn’t be more excited to have this amazing group of women as part of our team this season” said Wendy Gavinski President of Divas SnowGear.

Without further ado, we present our 2014-2015 brand ambassadors. Congratulations ladies!

Adrienne Lee Athanas, Alaska

Amanda Cie Condie, Utah

Amy Flowers, Alberta

Ashley Nicolai, Alaska

Audra Foggin, Alberta

Brooke Skoyen, Montana

Carole Fisher, Nova Scotia

Chantal von Rotz, British Columbia

Corrisa Schurek, Alberta

Denise Duperre, Maine

Diny Horning, British Columbia

Erica Fuhrman, Washington

Heather Poker, Wisconsin


Jennifer Niss, Minnesota

Jessica Painter, Manitoba

Jessie Field, Michigan

Kelly Haugen, Montana

Kimberly Wetherelt, North Dakota

Kristen Morrissey, New Foundland

Kylee Granden, Idaho

Lisa Watkins, South Dakota

Marni Smith, Ontario

Megan Kass, Michigan

Michelle Gillis, New Hampshire

Morgan Bentzinger, Idaho

Nicole Beaufore, Colorado

Nicole Parsons, New Foundland

Nicole Smithback, Wisconsin

Penny Cartwright, British Columbia

Rachael Wiley-Steffen, New York

Robynn Winkelman, Wyoming

Sabrina Gulka, Saskatchewan

Susie Rainsberry, Oregon

Taryn Hejlik, Minnesota

Taylor Pitlik, Wisconsin

Tonnya Sayah, Maine

Tonya Brooks, Idaho



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