ISMA: Snowmobile Community Looks Forward To A Great Winter

It’s now September, and that means fall will soon begin… and the beloved winter will follow that. Today the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) issued a rah-rah press release expressing anticipation for the coming winter. It is posted below in its entirety.


Press Release

Snowmobile Community looks forward to a great winter season

The snowmobile manufacturers are looking forward to a strong sales year and great snowmobiling. New products at spring shows had a warm acceptance and advanced showings and open houses are touting excellent crowd interest and deposits on new sleds.   This winter promises abundant reasonably priced fuel matched with a snowy winter, supported by a La Niña forecast for the snow belt across North America. According to weather forecasters, we can expect higher than normal snowfalls and “real winter” temperatures.

This past year, the snowmobile industry worked through an El Niño winter, which brought warmer/moderate winter climate, and low snowfall. Yet, the manufacturers realized a 10 percent gain in sales over the last 5 years.

The forecast for the upcoming winter season calls for copious amounts of snowfall, according to the experts. The winter forecast is welcome news for snowmobilers who are already preparing the trails, riding areas, and their snowmobiles. Work has begun on trails and riding areas across North America – which are always being improved with new signs, new bridges (if needed) and care and maintenance to the overall infrastructure.

Go Snowmobiling/Take a Friend Snowmobiling campaigns are being planned and expanded as more snowmobile clubs and associations are helping introduce new riders and others to the sport each year. Visit the website to see the Go Snowmobiling / Take a Friend guide.

Recent surveys highlight that snowmobilers are active outdoor enthusiasts participating in many activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, boating, etc.

 Sales for 2015-2016 in the US totaled 56,006 new snowmobiles, while snowmobile sales in Canada showed 44,431 new snowmobiles sold.   Sales in Europe were steady at 20,000 new snowmobiles sold. Based on new economic impact data, snowmobilers generated more than $34 billion dollars in economic activity and supported record collection of tax revenue to local, state, and federal government agencies.

Club and Association participation is increasing and supporting the snowmobiling infrastructure. Previously owned snowmobiles are increasing in market value. The supply of used snowmobiles continues to be relatively low but yet available to the many new snowmobilers interested in entering the sport with a proven, well maintained product.

The sale of parts, garments, and accessories has been very strong as well as the sales of snowmobile related gear, trailers, etc. Record sales of pick-up trucks in the US and Canada point to a positive future for snowmobiling, since most pick-up truck owners are outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy snowmobiling and outdoor winter recreation.

Snowmobilers continue to purchase high-tech products for their use and enjoyment and are eagerly embracing new global positioning and communication equipment for their snowmobiles.

Snowmobilers are very safety conscious and are improving their preparedness for a safe snowmobiling winter. A growing numbers of snowmobilers participate in mountain riding. With this continued increase in mountain riding, there is special emphasis on avalanche safety equipment (such as beacons, shovels, etc.) and participation in avalanche safety awareness classes.

Snowmobile dealerships are well positioned to take advantage of the growth potential this year, and with the strong La Niña forecast, many can expect early snowfall that will last through the winter. Snowmobilers are excited about the upcoming winter. You are invited to like us on Facebook at and tell your friends too! Share your enthusiasm and visit with us on our Go Snowmobiling website: .

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