VOTE: Who Are The Top 10 Snocross Racers Of The Modern Era?

How does now four-time defending National Champion Elias Ishoel compare to the all time greats? Who was better – Blair Morgan or Tucker Hibbert? What about the early pioneers of big-air snocross, where do they fit in the big picture?

At Snow Goer, we’ve been polling select snocross “insiders” (race team owners, factory race officials, race circuit personnel, media members, etc.) in recent weeks to create a Top 10 Snocross Racers list. We’ve also been digging into the archives to seek data to back-up arguments. We’ll launch our own list in a series of stories later this month, but we’d also like input from fans like you.

Here are our caveats:

  • We know the term “snocross” was used to refer to ice-lemans-ish races in the 1980s, but our focus is on what we’ll call the “modern” era of big-bumps-and-air snocross that kicked off in the very early 1990s with events like Quadna and the Duluth/Spirit Mountain snocross and led us to the MRP World Series/X-Games/WSA/WPSA/ISOC Amsoil Championship Snocross lineage.
  • To be considered among the best ever, we’re thinking it would be most fair to prioritize (1) Season points championships; (2) wins and podium finishes; (3) extra credit for “big” wins (i.e., X-Games, Canterbury, Duluth, Lake Geneva, etc.). Impact on the sport and longevity can also be considered.
  • Our focus is also on accomplishments in North America and specifically the MRP/WSA/WPSA/ISOC chain that has attracted the most international racers, factory-backed teams and big dollars over the years. No disrespect is intended toward the excellent CSRA in Canada or various Scandinavian circuits, but the best of the best have settled their scores in the aforementioned circuits.
  • This is a snocross-focused story. Accomplishments in other forms of snowmobile racing (cross-country, hill climb, hillcross, enduro, freestyle, etc.) should not be included. We’re not asking the best overall snowmobilers or snowmobile racers, but specifically the best snocross racers.

To keep it manageable, after getting votes from the “insiders” we’ve narrowed the ballot below to 25 names, though you can add another name through the “other” tab. First select the top 10 racers and hit “next.” (If you go over 10 it won’t let you select other names – you’ll have to un-click somebody to add somebody new.) Then you’ll be asked to rank your 10 racers from 1 to 10.

19 thoughts on “VOTE: Who Are The Top 10 Snocross Racers Of The Modern Era?

  • Avatar for Nathan

    I put Crapo in lieu of Pake, just because I don’t think pake would do well in the big rough tracks of today, whereas crapo had more of a motocross speed and style to him.

    • Avatar for Brett

      Pake won Canterbury back when it was a half mile of ice and and half mile of snocross, and beat Toni, Kirk, and Chris, enough said

  • Avatar for Brian

    You’re all top ten in my books! Not choosing Wolff to a top 10 list dealing with snowmobiles seems nuts…but I’ll play by the rules. Good memories attached with these names.

    • Avatar for Dan De Zorzi

      Great names in sno cross,all of them. Very hard to choose only 10. The Morgan and Hibbert times were great.

  • Avatar for David Rappa

    Tucker is by far the number one all time!

    • Avatar for Greg Wilburn

      Tucker was and is in a class all his own.

  • Avatar for Tom Berning

    Top 3 are easy, Tucker, Blair, Ishoel. Kind of a crap shoot after that. I choose guys who consistently challenged for leads race after race. Guys that could actually pass. Not just guys who finished in top 5 every race because they got a good holeshot.

  • Avatar for Mika päkkilä

    Tomi is the fastest driver for him on a bad sled. At the time😊

  • Avatar for Kobe Sugihara

    Steve Martin all day 🤘🏼 Smoothest style and funnest to watch for sure

  • Avatar for Fawn Felker

    My Big brother couldn’t always make the big stuff back east but in the west everyone knows him and his shop
    Felker motor sports
    IMO he never received the credit he deserves for all he did for the sport

  • Avatar for Mats Fredriksson

    1 Tucker 2 Blair 3 Ishoel

  • Avatar for Mikey hoskins

    All old school racers

  • Avatar for George

    Blair has to be recognized as the best with Tucker close on his heals. If you think about it he changed the sport and brought it to a new level of competition. Stand up style of racing leading to the new ergonomics of sled design! Think about how popular the sport got when he switched from Cat to Skidoo.

  • Avatar for greg mcdonough

    hibbert and morgan names are without a doubt the very best of all times in snow cross

  • Avatar for June Gulla

    I loved watching TJ Gulla, Blair Morgan and Tucker Hibbert on the track!!

  • Avatar for June

    I also loved watching Levi and Ross Martin race with TJ GULLA.

  • Avatar for Mitchi

    T.J. Gulla was my favorite to watch


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