Snowmobile Clubs: How To Get Listed In Snow Goer

For the past two seasons, a special advertorial section has printed in Snow Goer magazine in which the virtues and importance of snowmobile clubs are stressed. Opposite that, clubs could pay a small fee to promote themselves and have their names and contact information listed as a special invitation to potential new club members.

The program originated with a partnership with a member of the Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association (MnUSA) and was promoted to state snowmobile associations at the International Snowmobile Congress each June. But each year after the section runs in the magazine, we would get calls and emails from individual snowmobile clubs wondering why they were never given the opportunity to join.

This year, they can — as long as they act quickly — using this link by September 14.

Here are the details:

  • The package includes a full-page editorial, reinforcing the benefits of belonging to a snowmobile club, in the December (cover date) issue of Snow Goer. For club members, it’s a review; for those who aren’t members and the many who have always thought about joining a club, hopefully it’s the reminder that pushes them over edge and gets them involved in the important and fun world of grassroots snowmobiling. 
  • Opposite that page will be a promotional opportunity, where clubs and associations can extend the invitation to join their club for just $49. Each participating club or association gets a listing showing the organization’s name, hometown, phone number, email address and either their website or Facebook page address. It will be listed as advertising. 
  • Clubs will be organized under state titles, with state association logos where appropriate.   
  • As a bonus, the club listings will be repeated in the January issue of Snow Goer at no additional charge.
  • PLUS: Editorial & club listing information, with live links, will be posted at, with social media and enewsletters used to spread the message about the program.

Below is the flier that originally promoted the program. To sign up, click on this link. 




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