Pennzoil Enters Snowmobile Market With New 2-Stroke Oil

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A Google search will turn up some classic Pennzoil snowmobile oil and premix cans, but the brand has never had a strong position in the snowmobile market.

A famous motor oil brand with roots not far from some prime Pennsylvania snowmobiling territory is finally launching a specific two-stroke oil for snowmobiles. The question is, how focused on our sport will it be?

Pennzoil on November 1 at the SEMA automotive aftermarket event in Las Vegas unveiled a new line of Pennzoil Outdoor oils, targeting all powersports enthusiasts – including owners of ATVs, side-by-sides, PWC, motorcycle and, yes, us snowmobilers.

The blurb on the snowmobile oil in the press release uses some smart sounding words – with talk of a “low-ash formula to help prevent spark plug fouling, ring deposits, and combustion chamber deposits, and prevents exhaust power valve sticking and piston scuffing.” And the picture of the snowmobile oil gallon jug notes that it’s fully synthetic.

Beyond that, though, the oil isn’t even on the Pennzoil website as of this writing, and no other information is available. A Google search led us to the only thing that Pennzoil currently has that might be close – a full-syn two-stroke outboard engine oil that carries the same exact buzz words on a identical-cooling gallon jug (except for the label, of course).

So, is Pennzoil truly formulating an oil for the needs of us snowmobilers? Or is it just relabeling their marine oil? Who knows. We’re hoping to learn more soon.

Another Google search put us onto the collectable Pennzoil snowmobile oil containers of the past, but frankly none of our friendly neighborhood snowmobiling historians can remember Pennzoil ever being a real big player in the snowmobile market. It’ll be interesting to see how hard Pennzoil comes after our market. They claim the oil will make landfall in the U.S. early next year, and will then hit Canada next fall.

The full press release from Pennzoil is pasted below.



LAS VEGAS, NV, November 1, 2022 – Pennzoil® has announced the new Pennzoil Outdoors line of engine oils designed for the vehicles of outdoor enthusiasts at the SEMA Show. The new portfolio includes engine oils formulated for outdoor recreation vehicles in North America including ATVs/UTVs, watercrafts, motorcycles, and snowmobiles.

Pennzoil’s new Snowmobile Premium Oil will be bottled to look like this, though it still can’t be found on the Pennzoil website.

“Whether it’s enjoying the backcountry on an ATV or enjoying time boating with the family, we’re excited to bring this new line to outdoor enthusiasts to give them peace of mind during their adventures,” said Bree Sandlin, Vice President of Lubricants Marketing at Shell Lubricants. “It’s important for us to continue to innovate to meet the needs of our consumers. We’ve taken the technology that Pennzoil customers are accustomed to in their passenger cars and formulated these small engine oils to provide the same performance and protection for those who love the outdoors.”

ATVs/UTVs, boats, motorcycles, and snowmobiles are among the most popular outdoor recreation vehicles for exploration, each driven by traditionally smaller engines that require unique engine oil formulations. The current full synthetic offering from Pennzoil is well suited for the often-extreme conditions of these recreational vehicles, allowing the Pennzoil technology team to translate these benefits for the Pennzoil Outdoors portfolio.

New Product Details:

  • Pennzoil ATV/UTV SAE 10W-40 Engine Oil:
    • Pennzoil ATV/UTV engine oil has wet-clutch compatibility and a smooth-shifting, consistent clutch feel to help riders focus on the fun and encounter fewer bumps along the way
    • The engine oil cleans engines in dusty environments and protects in extreme temperatures
    • Suitable for use where API SN and JASO MA2 specifications are required
  • Pennzoil Marine 4-cycle SAE 10W-30 and SAE 25W-40 Engine Oil:
    • Pennzoil Marine ® engine oil is formulated with performance-boosting additives, which target critical needs in marine engines to provide greater fuel efficiency as compared to 2-stroke marine engine oil
    • Surpasses the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) requirements for SI, SL, and SM specifications and exceeds OEM requirements and FC-W® Catalyst Compatible specifications, and meets all 4-stroke outboard manufacturer’s requirements
    • Can be used in inboard, outboard, and stern drive engines
  • Pennzoil Motorcycle SAE 10W-40 Engine Oil:
    • Pennzoil Motorcycle engine oil creates more efficient power delivery for motorcycles and reduces engine noise and vibration for an enjoyable ride to enhance the riding experience
    • Optimizes wet-clutch performance, protects in extreme heat and low temperatures, and provides enhanced responsiveness and maximum acceleration to keep riders comfortable on the road
    • Meets the requirements of API SN and JASO MA2 specifications which are standard for most American, European, and Japanese motorcycles including V-Twin, 4-stroke engines found in high-performance and race-tuned bikes
  • Pennzoil Motorcycle SAE 20W-50 Engine Oil:
    • Pennzoil Motorcycle engine oil provides smooth clutch engagement, keeps the engine clean, and reduces engine noise and vibration for a smooth ride
    • Formulated specifically to prevent dirt particles from sticking together to form deposits and protects standard air and water-cooled 4-stroke motorcycle engines with integral gearboxes and wet clutch assembly
    • Meets the API SL and JASO MA2 specifications which are standard for most American, European, and Japanese motorcycles including V-Twin, 4-stroke engines found in high-performance bikes
  • Pennzoil Snowmobile 2-Stroke Engine Oil:
    • Pennzoil Snowmobile engine oil boasts a low-ash formula to help prevent spark plug fouling, ring deposits, and combustion chamber deposits, and prevents exhaust power valve sticking and piston scuffing
    • Provides exceptional cold-flow performance and overall helps keep the engine clean and running efficiently
    • Suitable for use where API TC, JASO FD, ISO-L-EGD specifications are required

Pennzoil Outdoors engine oils will help keep outdoor recreation vehicles running smoothly, and let consumers explore every corner of the outdoors on their adventures ahead. The Pennzoil Outdoors portfolio will be available both online and in-store at select retail locations across the United States beginning in Q1 of 2023 and across Canada in Q3 of 2023.

[1] Based on Sequence IVA wear test using SAE 5W-30.

[2] 15 years or 500,000 miles whichever comes first, guaranteed, if you exclusively use Pennzoil Platinum® Full Synthetic motor oils. Your engine must have less than 125,000 miles and have been manufactured in the past 72 months. To maintain your warranty, change your vehicle’s oil and oil filter at least as often as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Enrollment required.  Keep your receipts. Other conditions apply. Click here to enroll and for full details and terms.

[3] The CO2e lifecycle emissions of this product have been offset with verified Nature-Based Carbon Credits.

[4] Based on Sequence VI fuel economy test using SAE 0W-20.


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