Outlaw Grass Drags, Show And Swap In Pictures

If you haven’t noticed, the days are getting shorter, the cicadas are making all sorts of racket and the oak trees are dropping massive amounts of acorns. Yep, summer is winding down, and that means the first major fall snowmobile shows, grass drag races, swap meets and events are starting to get rolling. 

Saturday Snow Goer made a jaunt to the 25th annual Outlaw Grass Drags in Princeton, Minnesota, which was packed with snowmobile enthusiasts on a muggy August day. The top-flight grass drags are in the event’s name, but visitors also get to take in a huge swap meet, vintage sled, vendor displays, awesome food options and all sorts of quirkiness — including professional lawn mower racing. 

Here are 10 photos we shot of the various action found on site on August 25, 2018. 

grass drags
The Outlaw Grass Drags brought two days of racing to a region just north of Minnesota’s Twin Cities. While we were there, drivers were going 0 to 137 MPH in 500 feet, despite thick air.
Swap meet
The swap meet has a broad array of products for those looking to get their older sled running better.
Herb Howe
The legendary Herb Howe — winner of the first I-500 cross-country race — was on hand with his sled, sharing stories of days gone by.
There were vintage sleds everywhere — some in pristine shape that looked like museum pieces, and others like this Chaparral that had definitely seen some use!
swap meet shopping
Shopping anyway? Several vendors on site were offering everything a rider could need for the coming season, and this guy took full advantage.
The Minnesota chapter of the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association hosted surprisingly competitive riding mower races at Princeton. The modified classes were pretty fast!
Trailmaker snowmobile
This home-state vintage sled is more than just a trail rider, it’s a trail maker, as in the plow-wearing Trailmaker made by the Abe W. Mathews company in Hibbing, Minnesota, in the 1960s.
Oval sled
Several race sleds from various vintages were scattered about the grounds, including this oval sled used by Devin Fackrell.
Kind snowmobiles
There’s always a lot to look at in such events, but the term “buyer beware” definitely applies. This sled has Arctic Cat stickers on it, but it’s actually one of the Chinese import sleds that have been making the rounds in recent years.
Before you get too excited, take a closer look… she’s a doll — like a REAL doll, Even swappers know that sex sells!

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  • Avatar for Bob. Raynor

    It’s very cool thanks for sharing a pictures I’ll tell you what I remember back in the day had a 28 horsepower snow jet I’ll never forget that back then it was upstate New York and we could ride a snowmobile right on the main highway no problems well can’t do that no more there’s been a lot of rules of regulations come our way but thanks for sharing it’s like a blast from the past I really appreciate it thank you.


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