I wasn’t a fan of snowboard-style boots like the Klim USA Radium. I had worn similar snowmobile boots a few times over the years and thought they were too stiff, too difficult to pull on my feet and too clunky. But last winter I give a pair of Radium GTX kickers a shot. After a full season with them strapped on my feet, I’m a bigger fan of these boots than Kiss bassist Gene Simmons is of himself.

I had them tucked inside snowmobile foot wells for more than 3,000 miles. The sturdy boot laced up securely to protect my feet and ankles from injury better than any “traditional” snowmobile boot could while keeping them warm and dry, thanks to the Gore-Tex membrane.

Sure, my Radiums don’t slide on as easily as a pair of bedroom slippers (they’re still fairly stiff and I have to hold the rear strap tightly in order to step inside), but I’ll gladly sacrifice convenience for extra protection against an ankle or foot injury. The boot and liner immobilized my ankle and worked like a brace. It took a few rides for me to get used to this, but once the boots were broken in, I appreciated the feature.

The removable liner has a unique well that surrounds my heel for good support and its special lacing system cinches evenly and quickly with one pull. The 11-inch-tall outer leather boot uses a conventional lace system.

The boot and liner always stayed snug without having to re-lace. Other than one broken lace loop on the left boot, my boots held up exceptionally well. Every stitch and seam is tight and the soles have less-than-normal wear.

Retail price is $229.99 — a bargain. Based on my experience, this pair of Radium GTX boots will last until the next blood-spitting, makeup-wearing, fire-breathing rock icon comes along.

Traction 1.8/2

Value 2/2

Comfort 1.8/2

Durability 1.7/2

Fit 1.9/2

Total 9.2/10

Klim USA

Rigby, Idaho



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