How To Install A PowerMadd Adjustable Riser

PowerMadd Adustable Riser
We were able to maintain a relatively tidy handlebar package with the aftermarket riser.

Recently I installed a PowerMadd Adjustable Pivot Riser on our 2016 Ski-Doo Renegade Enduro demo sled. The riser provides about 3 inches of height adjustment so we’ll be able to fine-tune the ergonomics for our preferences. We’ve said that Ski-Doo’s handlebars are too low in some situations, so that’s why we chose to install the PowerMadd riser on the Enduro.

The riser has a sturdy lever that the user lifts to loosen the pinch force so the riser can be adjusted, and then after the right height is set, he or she returns the lever to its original position to lock the riser in place. This is a slick setup. Doing some bench testing yesterday inside the shop, the riser seems solid without any slop or movement. We’ll monitor this through the season to see if it loosens up with use.

Ski-Doo packages its throttle cable and control block wires through the riser. This makes for a nice and clean setup, but it causes more work when changing steering parts. I had to remove the hood to access the couplers for the wires that lead to the left control block. After disconnecting the control block wires from the wire harness, I was able to remove the stock handlebar riser. I unhooked the throttle cable from the throttle lever.

The PowerMadd Adjustable Pivot Riser seems well built, the black finish looks nice with the company logo etched on it and the overall design is clean and simple. And fortunately it accommodates the stock handlebar cover to help maintain a tidy appearance.

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