Cold Tested: Caliber Products Edge Guard And Edge Glides 2.0

Caliber Products Edge Guard And Edge Glides 2.0
Caliber Products Edge Guard And Edge Glides 2.0.

When we get something new (or new to us), it seems like the perfect time to shop for accessories to either simply personalize it or make improvements, or ideally do both. When a trailer was added to our fleet we knew it needed a couple of things right away, and one was traction on the big rear door. This was desired to not only save the door surface from being scarred by carbide-infused runners but also to add foot traction for walking up and down the ramp. In all honesty, the secure footing was highest on the list, as age makes falling much less fun. Wait, was it ever really fun?

We got ahold of the folks at Caliber and they suggested a few things to consider. One was the company’s new Edge Guards, and the other was the also-new Edge Glides 2.0. Both seemed perfect for our application. We have tried and previously reviewed many of Caliber’s other items (including LowPro Grip-Glides and Trax Grabber that we also installed), so for this review we will focus on the two new items.

In general the installation for both items was straightforward. For the Edge Guards – which mount to the outer edges of the door – making sure to test-fit them in place to verify they won’t interfere with the door springs, cables, skis or anything else is key, because you don’t want to bolt them down and then realize they are in the way when closing the door.

Take similar care when placing the Edge Glides 2.0 – which is a multi-piece flap mounted to the end of the door – to make sure they’re positioned in a location where they won’t interfere with the door.

Once this was figured out, installation was an easy process: All needed hardware was included in each kit and all that was needed was a screwdriver/drill and a straight edge to make sure everything was lined up and looking good.

The Edge Guard’s purpose it to create an edge (along with a guide) for a ski to hit as you load/unload a sled so that you don’t fall off the door. From experience we know how easy this can happen on narrow doors when coming out at an angle, and how much of a hassle it can be to get the sled repositioned, especially if the ski gets caught by the door cable. For our application since we often unloaded out the front door this created the perfect edge to catch the ski and keep us on track. Overall the Edge Guard worked exactly as we expected, installed easily and looks good all at the same time.

The Edge Glides 2.0 are designed to create an easy transition between the door and ground for loading/unloading. This smooth transition saves a lot of wear and tear on the trailer door as well as the sled’s carbides. The Edge Glides also have integrated traction so they match the traction design on the Low Pro Grip Glides to help in footing. When installed they fi t perfectly from the door to the ground, and their hinged design and lightweight made them easy to flip up and out of the way when closing the door. Similar to the guards, they fi t and worked just as we had expected and would we highly recommend them for the application.

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