Camso Announces Storm 150 Variable Lug Track

The Camso Storm 150

Track maker Camso has unveiled a new concept in trail-oriented track design.

The Camso Storm 150 high performance track offers the best of both worlds by using 1.5-inch cup-shaped center lugs – which provide acceleration on packed trails and bite hard in soft, loose snow conditions – with 1.25-inch outer lugs that provide power and control through the tightest turns by improving tail slide and maintain ground contact during pitch turns. The result is the first two-lug height trail track of its kind, available in 120-, 129-, 137- and 146-inch lengths.  

According to Camso, “The trail track’s design symmetry and profile geometry make the snowmobile feel more firmly planted to the trail for better handling even at high speeds, while at the same time significantly reducing noise compared to many other trail tracks.” The track was designed in coordination with Polaris.

While that’s certainly interesting, if you read between the lines there’s also hints at what’s to come in a little more than two weeks.

In the same press release, Camso also said the track would first be on display at the Haydays Grass Drags (Sept. 8-9).

Hmmmm, Haydays – isn’t that where limited edition race sleds are usually unveiled?

We’ll be watching the Polaris booth, and the shoes their sleds are wearing, carefully at Haydays!

How about you?

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