Many people secure enclosed trailer doors with common padlocks. Unfortunately, they can be defeated with a bolt cutter or pry bar. The Blaylock DL-80 enclosed trailer door lock takes security to a higher level. It really is a better lock for enclosed snowmobile trailers.

After three years of continuous use, I’ve found this lock relatively impervious to winter weather, giving me less trouble than any padlock I’ve used. The lock mechanism hasn’t iced up internally. However, the internal steel pin inside does tend to frost up and stick in sub-freezing, humid environments, particularly if the lock has sat unused for days or weeks. A sharp tap on the lock housing with a hammer or letting it sit in the warm sun is usually sufficient to free it up. If neither of these worked, heat from a hair dryer quickly solved the problem.

The DL-80 lock body is heavy-duty cast aluminum so it won’t rust. A perimeter gasket protects the paint on the trailer door and two keys are supplied with each lock. This device covers the lock rod keeper hole that’s intended for padlocks as well as the bolts on the keeper to prevent them from being chiseled off. The hardened steel pin of the DL-80 lock body and keeper hole is secured with a push-button lock that has the tumblers well-protected deep inside the housing. And the loop at the top of the internal pin is engineered to break away if thieves pry on it. The DL-80 is available from trailer dealers and retails for about $40.

Security 1.9/2

Weather resistance 1.5/2

Appearance 2/2

Price 1.8/2

Ease of use 1.8/2

Total 9.0/10

Blaylock Industries

Fort Worth, Texas


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