Turtle Fur super Lite Balaclava

The perfect complement to the BRP helmet — or any helmet — is the Turtle Fur Super Lite Balaclava. It’s a $20-something head sock that’s worth every penny. It’s not the fuzzy, fleecy Turtle Fur that you’re probably thinking about. It’s an ultra thin balaclava with flat seams, so it won’t cause any funny pressure spots on your head. The best part about the Super Lite is its breathability. If you hate to put on a stinky, wet, cold balaclava as much as we do, then this product is a Godsend. While the cheap balaclavas get soaked around the mouth, the Super Lite gets damp. By the end of a lunchbreak, if it’s not totally dry, it’s nearly dry — unlike the cheaper options.

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