Ctek Multi U.S. 3300 Battery Charger

Forget what you know about battery trickle chargers. Ctek calls its battery chargers “the smartest chargers in the world” because they automatically vary current and voltage. Most trickle units maintain a battery charge, which prolongs the life of a 12-volt, lead-acid battery.

The Ctek 3300 is designed for that same battery maintenance as well as quick recharging and battery restoration. We used the charger on automotive and motorcycle batteries and it worked flawlessly; it also restored a battery we thought was shot. The Ctek 3300 charger made its U.S. debut in summer, 2005 with its switch-mode, four-phase technology.

A de-sulfation mode can recover a sulfated or under-charged battery; the bulk charge mode charges at 0.8 or 3.3 amps; the absorption phase applies a peak charge at 14.4/14.7 volts until fully charged; and a pulse phase is used for charge maintenance. The unit switches into modes automatically and its case is sealed so it’s relatively weatherproof. Want another endorsement? Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin and Maybach have formed original equipment deals with Ctek chargers.

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