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Maine Snowmobile Clubs


Abbot, ME
Big Pine Riders SC
Acton/Shapleigh, ME
Mousam Valley SC
PO Box 109, Shapleigh, ME 04076
Albion, ME
Night Roadrunners SC
32 Hussey Rd, Albion, ME 04910
Alexander, ME
Breakneck Mt. Sno-Riders
Alfred, ME
Shaker Valley Sno Travelers
145 Roberts Ridge Rd, East Waterboro, ME 04030
Allagash, ME
Moosetown Riders
Inc, 19 Inn Rd, Allagash, ME 04774
Allagash, ME
Allagash Wilderness Waterway Wanderers
Alna, ME
Alna SC
8 Ames Rd, Alna, ME 04535
Andover, ME
Snow Valley Sno-Goers
PO Box 159, Andover ME 04216-0159
Anson, North Anson, ME
Anson-North Anson SC
PO Box 437, Anson, ME 04911
Appleton, ME
Appleton Trail Makers
Ashland, ME
Ashland SC
Athens, ME
AC Lineriders SC
PO Box 335, Athens, ME 04912
Atkinson, ME
Cold Smoke Riders SC
130 Maple Rd, Atkinson, ME 04426
Auburn, ME
Perkins Ridge Sno-Travelers
c/o G Buker, 204 Old Buckfield Rd, Minot, ME 04258
Auburn, ME
Andy Valley Sno Gypsies
Auburn, ME
Auburn Sno Groomers
Augusta, ME
Fox Glen SC
Augusta, ME
North Augusta Trailblazers
Baileyville, ME
St. Croix Trailriders
PO Box 547, Baileyville, ME 04694
Baldwin, ME
Baldwin Beltburners SC
Bangor, ME
Paul Bunyan SC
Beddington, ME
Airline Riders
Belfast, ME
Belfast Area Snow Packers
PO Box 905, Belfast, ME 04915
Belgrade Draggin’ Masters
Belmont/Morrill/Searsmont, ME
Tri-Town Sno Riders
115 Searsmont Rd, Belmont, ME 04952
Benedicta, ME
Benedicta Snowgang
Benton, ME
Good Time Riders
1071 Clinton Avenue, Benton, ME 04901
Bethel, ME
Bethel Snow Twisters
PO Box 420, Bethel ME 04217
Bingham/Moscow, ME
Valley Riders
PO Box 21, Bingham, ME 04920
Bowdoin, ME
Bowdoin Flurry Flyers
PO Box 173, Bowdoin, ME 04287
Bowdoinham, ME
Bowdoinham Snowbirds
Bridgton, ME
Bridgton Easy Riders
Bristol, ME
Route 66 SC
PO Box 231, Bristol, ME 04539
Brooks, ME
Harvest Valley SC
PO Box 336, Brooks, ME 04921
Brownfield, ME
Burnt Meadow SC
Brownville, ME
Brownville SC
Buckfield, ME
Streaked Mountaineers
Bucksport, ME
Family SC
Burlington, ME
Back Country Snowmobilers
PO Box 154, Burlington ME 04417
Burlington, ME
Nicatous Lodge SC
PO Box 100, Burlington, ME 04417
Buxton, ME
Sokokis Riders SC
Calais, ME
Sunrise Snowmobilers
PO Box 178, Calais, ME 04619
Cambridge, ME
Cambridge Super Trails
c/o S Dubay, 255 North Rd, Cambridge, ME 04923
Camden/Rockport, ME
Goose River SC
PO Box 252, West Rockport, ME 04865
Canaan, ME
Canaan Bog Bouncers
PO Box 439, Canaan ME 04924-0439
Canton, ME
Canton Hi Riders
65 Lakeview Drive, Hartford, ME 04220
Cape Elizabeth, ME
Cape Elizabeth Coastal Riders
191 Fowler Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107
Caribou, ME
Caribou SC
Carmel, ME
Carmel SC
Carrabassett Valley, ME
J.V. Wing SC
1014 Poplar Stream Rd, Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947
Webb River Valley SC
703B Carthage Rd, Carthage, ME 04224
Crooked River SC
Castle Hill
Aroostook River SC
Pleasant Ridge Riders
1405 Van Buren Rd, Caswell ME 04750
Chapman, ME
Chapman Ridge Runners SC
Charleston, ME
Charleston Stumpjumpers
19 Dover Rd, Charleston ME 04422
Cherryfield, ME
Narraguagus SC
Chesterville, ME
Chesterville Country Ramblers
PO Box 173, Farmington Falls ME 04940
China, ME
China Four Season Club
Clifton, ME
Clifton Area SC
PO Box 252, Eddington ME 04428
Clinton, ME
Town & Country Trailriders
PO Box 23, Clinton ME 04927
Corinna, ME
Corundel Raiders
PO Box 158, Corinna ME 04928
Corinth, ME
Powerline Prowlers SC
PO Box 451, Corinth ME 04427
Cornville, ME
Cornville Groomers
309 Beckwith Rd, Cornville, ME 04976
Cumberland/North Yarmouth, ME
Moonlite Sno-Skimmers
Danforth/Weston, ME
East Grand SC
Dedham, ME
Bald Mountain Snowriders
PO Box 1220, Holden, ME 04429
Denmark, ME
Denmark Draggers
PO Box 103, Denmark, ME 04022
Dennysville, ME
Dennysville SC
PO Box 45, Dennysville, ME 04628
Detroit, ME
Night Drifters SC
PO Box 98, Detroit, ME 04929
Dexter, ME
Wassookeag SC
Dixfield, ME
Poodunck SC
Dixmont, ME
Dixmont Goldcrest Riders
Dover-Foxcroft, ME
Piscataquis Valley SC
PO Box 52, Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426
Dresden, ME
Dresden Sno-Valley Riders
PO Box 317, Dresden, ME 04342
Eagle Lake, ME
Eagle Lake Winter Riders
East Benton, ME
Country Cousins SC
48 E Benton Rd, Benton, ME 04901
East Machias, ME
Downeast Trail Riders
PO Box 658, East Machias, ME 04630
East Millinocket/Medway, ME
East Branch Sno-Rovers
Easton, ME
Easton Trailbreakers
11 Bowers Rd, Easton, ME 04740
Ebeemee Twp, ME
Ebeemee SC
PO Box 633, Brownville, ME 04414
Ellsworth, ME
Ellsworth SC
PO Box 1352, Ellsworth, ME 04605
Embden, ME
Embden Travelers SC
PO Box 642, North Anson, ME 04958
Enfield, ME
Cold Stream Sno-Riders
Eustis/Stratton, ME
Arnold Trail SC
Exeter, ME
Cross Country Cruisers
PO Box 101, Exeter, ME 04435
Fairfield, ME
Fairfield Country Riders
Falmouth, ME
Falmouth Sno-Voyagers
Farmingdale, ME
Barnstormers SC
PO Box 161, Hallowell ME 04347-0161
Farmington, ME
Shiretown Riders
c/o Adam Speich, 430 Industry Rd, Farmington, ME 04938
Fayette, ME
Rainbow Riders SC
Fort Fairfield, ME
Fort Fairfield SC
PO Box 233, Fort Fairfield, ME 04742
Fort Kent, ME
Fort Kent Snoriders, Inc.
Freedom, ME
North Star Riders SC
27 Belfast Rd, Freedom, ME 04941
Freeport/Durham/Pownal, ME
Tri-Town Penguins
PO Box 571, Freeport ME 04032
Frenchville, ME
Frenchville SC
PO Box 209, Frenchville ME 04745
Friendship, ME
Stormy Riders
c/o Robin Reed, 31 Eby Rd, Friendship, ME 04547
Fryeburg, ME
Interstate Snogoers
Gardiner, ME
Gardiner Ridge Riders
Garland, ME
Frosty Valley Snowsledders
PO Box 94, Garland, ME 04939
Gilead, ME
Wild River Riders Inc
2062 North Rd, Gilead, ME 04217
Glenburn, ME
Glenburn Lakeside Riders SC
Gorham, ME
Gorham Sno Goers
Grand Isle, ME
Cold Mountain SC
PO Box 172, Grand Isle, ME 04746
Grand Lake Stream, ME
Grand Lake SC
PO Box 132, Grand Lake Stream, ME 04637
Gray, ME
Gray SnoWolves
Greene, ME
Greene Dragons SC
Greenfield, ME
G & G Trailblazers
PO Box 6, Greenbush, ME 04418
Greenville, ME
Moosehead Riders SC
Greenwoo/Woodstock/Milton, ME
Greenstock Snow Sports
Guilford, ME
Four Winds SC
PO Box 543, Guilford, ME 04443
Hampden, ME
Goodwill Riders SC
844 Western Ave, Hampden, ME 04444
Harmony, ME
Heart of Gold SC
PO Box 251, Harmony ME 04942
Harrison, ME
Harrison Friendly Riders SC
Hartland, ME
Smokey’s Angels SC
1683 Canaan Rd, Hartland, ME 04943
Hebron, ME
Bouncing Bogies
PO Box 69, Hebron ME 04238-0069
Hermon, ME
Penobscot SC
Hiram, ME
Hiram Hillclimbers
PO Box 275, Hiram, ME 04041
Holden, ME
Eastern Maine Snowmobilers
Hollis, ME
Hollis Honkers
Hollis, ME
York County Snowmobile Rescue Club
PO Box 939, Buxton, ME 04093
Hope, ME
Hatchet Mountain Sno-Riders
38 Morrison Dr, Lincolnville, ME 04849
Howland, ME
Twin Rivers SC
Hudson, ME
Pushaw Lake SC
Industry, ME
Northern Lites SC
798 Titcomb Hill Rd, Farmington ME 04938
Island Falls, ME
Big Valley Sno-Club
Jackman/Dennistown, ME
Border Riders Sportsman’s Club
Jackson, ME
Jackson Wheel-n-Ski
326 Village Rd, Jackson ME 04921
Jay, ME
Andy Valley Riders
PO Box 307, Jay ME 04239
Jefferson, ME
Jefferson/Nobleboro Sno-Packers
Kenduskeag, ME
Kenduskeag Stream Riders
67 Ames Rd, Kenduskeag, ME 04450
Kingfield, ME
Sno Wanderers SC
PO Box 12, Kingfield, ME 04947
Knox, ME
Frye Mountain Sno-Riders
1161 Webb Rd, Knox, ME 04986
Kokadjo/Frenchtown Twp, ME
Kokadjo Roach Riders
Lagrange/Alton, ME
LA Sledders
3346 Bennoch Rd, Alton, ME 04468
(Facebook:LA Sledders)
Lamoine, ME
Frenchman Bay Riders
385 Douglas Hwy, Lamoine, ME 04605
Lebanon, ME
Lebanon Trail Riders
Lee, ME
Lee Mogul Pounders SC
PO Box 344, Lee ME 04455
Leeds, ME
Leeds Stumpthumpers
PO Box 93, Leeds, ME 04263
Levant, ME
Hungry Hollow 76ers
PO Box 172, Levant, ME 04456
Lewiston, ME
Hillside Family Riders SC
Lexington/Highland/Concord/Pleasant Ridge, ME
Lexington Highlanders, c/o Lisa Dunphy
PO Box 339, North Anson, ME 04958
Limerick/Newfield, ME
Route 11 Streakers
PO Box 235, Newfield, ME 04056
Limestone, ME
Limestone Snow Hawks
PO Box 48, Limestone, ME 04750
Limington, ME
Limington Crankers
PO Box 81, Limington, ME 04049
Lincoln, ME
Lincoln Snowhounds SC
Lincolnville, ME
Lincolnville Mountain Goats
PO Box 275, Lincolnville ME 04849
Linneus, ME
Linneus Sno-Sports, Inc
Lisbon, ME
Riverside Trail Riders
PO Box 177, Lisbon, ME 04250
Lisbon Falls, ME
Pejepscot Sno-Chiefs
Litchfield, ME
Litchfield SC
PO Box 218, Litchfield, ME 04350
Littleton/Houlton/Monticello, ME
Meduxnekeag Ramblers
c/o R. Beals, 334 Back Ridge Rd., Littleton, ME 04730
Livermore, ME
Livermore Trail Blazers
10 Crash Rd, Livermore, ME 04253
Livermore Falls, ME
Jug Hill Riders
PO Box 237, East Livermore, ME 04228
Lovell, ME
Kezar Trailbreakers
840 Lovell Rd, Sweden, ME 04040
Lyman, ME
Lyman SC
Macwahoc, ME
Eastern Maine Snow Riders
Madawaska, ME
Madawaska SC
PO Box 755, Madawaska, ME 04756
Madison, ME
Abnaki Sno-Riders
Manchester, ME
Manchester Country Riders
PO Box 405, Manchester ME 04351
Mars Hill/Blaine, ME
Central Aroostook SC
Mattawamkeag, ME
Mattawamkeag Roadrunners
PO Box 128, Mattawamkeag, ME 04459
Mechanic Falls, ME
Bog Hooters SC
Facebook Site
Mercer, ME
Mercer Bog Riders
PO Box 216, Smithfield, ME 04978
Mexico, ME
Mercer Bog Riders
PO Box 216, Smithfield, ME 04978
Mexico, ME
Mexico Trail Blazers
PO Box 160, Mexico, ME 04257
Milford, ME
Pine Tree SC
PO Box 503, Milford, ME 04461
Millinocket, ME
Northern Timber Cruisers
Millinocket, ME
Jo-Mary Riders
Milo, ME
Devils Sledders, Inc
PO Box 423, Milo, ME 04463
Minot, ME
Minot Moonshiners SC
PO Box 61, Minot, ME 04258
Monmouth, ME
Cochnewagan Trailblazers
Monroe, ME
Monroe SC
PO Box 673, Monroe ME 04951
Monson, ME
Narrow Gauge Riders
PO Box 296, Monson, ME 04464
Mount Vernon, ME
Minnehonk Ridge Riders
PO Box 211, Mount Vernon, ME 04352
Naples, ME
Muddy River Sno-Seekers
New Canada, ME
Sly Brook Sno-Riders
PO Box 76, Wallagrass, ME 04781
New Canada, ME
Twin Lakes Sno-Riders Inc
PO Box 81, Fort Kent Mills ME 04744
New Gloucester, ME
Royal River Riders
New Portland, ME
Wire Bridge Sno-Travelers
PO Box 139, New Portland, ME 04961-0139
New Sharon, ME
New Sharon Snow Riders
PO Box 193, New Sharon, ME 04955
New Vineyard, ME
New Vineyard North SC
87 Lake St, New Vineyard, ME 04956
New Vineyard, ME
New Vineyard Trailmasters
394 Fairbanks Rd, Farmington, ME 04938
Newburgh, ME
Newburgh Countryside Riders
300 North Rd, Newburgh, ME 04444
Newport/Etna/Stetson, ME
Sebasticook Valley SC
PO Box 94, Stetson ME 04488-0094
Newry, ME
Windy Valleys SC
Norridgewock, ME
Norridgewock Sportsmen Assn.
North Yarmouth/Powna, MEl
Royal River SC
PO Box 1061, Yarmouth, ME 04096
Northeast Carry, ME
Northeast Carry Sno Riders
Box 642-NE Carry, Rockwood, ME 04478
Northport, ME
Northport Ridge Riders
Norway, ME
Norway Trackers
Oakfield, ME
Smoki Haulers SC
Oakland, ME
Oakland Snow Goers
PO Box 566, Oakland, ME 04963
Orrington, ME
Orrington Trail Riders
Otisfield, ME
Otisfield Trail Blazers
Oxbow Plt, ME
Oxbow-Masardis SC
Oxford, ME
Rock-O-Dundee Riders
PO Box 6, Oxford, ME 04270
Palermo, ME
Palermo SC
Palmyra, ME
Palmyra SC
PO Box 57, Palmyra, ME 04965
Parkman, ME
Parkman Trailblazers
Patten, ME
Rockabema Snow Rangers
Perry, ME
Downeast Stumpjumpers
344 Shore Rd, Perry, ME 04667
Peru, ME
Peru SC
PO Box 252, Peru, ME 04290
Phillips, Avon, ME
North Franklin SC
Pittsfield, ME
Pittsfield Driftbusters SC
Pittston, ME
Pittston Prowlers
Pittston Academy Grant Twp, ME
Pittston Farm SC
53 Pittston Farm Rd, Rockwood, ME 04478
Plymouth, ME
Endless Season Riders
Poland, ME
Poland Sno Travelers
PO Box 442, Poland, ME 04274
Portage Lake, ME
Portage Lakers SC
Porter/Parsonsfield/South Hiram, ME
Sacopee Valley Snow Drifters
PO Box 611, Parsonsfield ME 04047
Presque Isle, ME
Presque Isle SC
Princeton, ME
Princeton Pathfinders
PO Box 774, Princeton, ME 04668
Rangeley, ME
Rangeley Lakes SC
Raymond, ME
Raymond Rattlers SC
PO Box 994, Raymond ME 04071
Readfield, ME
Readfield Blizzard Busters SC
PO Box 62, Readfield ME 04355
Richmond, ME
Richmond Sno-Rovers
Ripley, ME
Ripley Trail Riders
c/o A Sherburne, 785 North Rd, Ripley, ME 04930
Rockwood, ME
Blue Ridge Riders
Rockwood, ME
Taunton-Raynham Riders
PO Box 27, Rockwood, ME 04478
Rome, ME
Rome Ruff Riders
PO Box 287, Belgrade Lakes, ME 04918
Roxbury, Byron, ME
Slippery Sliders SC
Rumford, ME
Rumford Polar Bears
Sabattus, ME
Sabattus Mountaineers
PO Box 696, Sabattus, ME 04280
Saco, ME
Saco Pathfinders
Salem Twp, ME
Salem Sno Drifters
PO Box 379, Strong ME 04983
Sanford, Springvale, ME
Southern Maine Sno-Goers
Searsport, ME
Seacoast Riders
PO Box 129, Searsport, ME 04974
Sebago, ME
Sebago Branch Duckers Inc.
Shapleigh, ME
Squash Hollow Sno Goers
PO Box 381, Shapleigh, ME 04076
Sherman, ME
Molunkus Valley Sno_Drifters
PO Box 323, Sherman, ME 04776
Shirley, ME
Shirley Bog Trail Busters
Sidney, ME
Sidney Trail Riders Club
Skowhegan, ME
Skowhegan Sno-Hawks SC
Smithfield, ME
Moonshiners, Inc.
PO Box 134, Smithfield, ME 04978
Solon, ME
Solon Snow Hawks
Somerville, ME
Backwoods Bouncers SC
262 Patricktown Rd, Somerville, ME 04348
South Paris, ME
Hungry Hollow Hustlers SC
PO Box 70, South Paris, ME 04281
South Paris, ME
Snowhoppers SC
PO Box 436, South Paris, ME 04281
Springfield, ME
Quad County SC
Squa Pan Lake, ME
Walker Siding SC
St. Agatha, ME
Red Arrow SC
St. Albans, ME
Sno-Devils SC
St. Francis, ME
St. Francis Sno-Angels
PO Box 42, St. Francis, ME 04774
Standish, ME
Standish Sno-Seekers
Stockholm/New Sweden/Westmanland, ME
Nordic Lakers, Inc
c/o Seiring, PO Box 9, New Sweden, ME 04762
Stoneham, ME
Stoneham Knight Riders
PO Box 3, Stoneham ME 04231
Strong, ME
Narrow Gauge SC
PO Box 14, Strong ME 04983
Sumner, ME
Mount Tom SC
PO Box 13, Sumner, ME 04292
T2 R13, ME
Ragged Riders
18 Mill Ridge Rd, No Yarmouth ME 04097
T5 R8, ME
Bowlin Matagamon SC
1489 Shin Pond Rd, Mount Chase, ME 04765
The Forks, ME
Northern Outdoors SC
PO Box 100, The Forks, ME 04985
Thorndike, ME
Thorndike Trail Twisters
184 Brooks Rd, Thorndike, ME 04986
Topsfield, ME
Crossroads SC
PO Box 5, Topsfield ME 04490
Topsham, ME
Topsham Trail Riders
Troy, ME
Troy Snowbeaters
106 Myrick Rd, Troy, ME 04987
Turner, ME
Turner Ridge Riders
Unity, ME
Snow Dusters
PO Box 61, Unity ME 04988
Upton, ME
State Line SC
240 Thistle St, Upton ME 04261
Vanceboro, ME
Vanceboro-Lambert Snowhounds
PO Box 195, Vanceboro, ME 04491
Vassalboro, ME
Kennebec Valley Trail Riders
PO Box 13, East Vassalboro, ME 04935-0013
Vienna, ME
Vienna Mountaineers
627 Cape Cod Hill Rd, New Sharon, ME 04955
Waldoborov, ME
Waldoboro Sno-Crawlers
PO Box 156, Waldoboro, ME 04572
Wales, ME
Wales Ridge Runners SC
PO Box 727, Sabattus, ME 04280-0727
Warren/Rockland/Thomaston, ME
Bog Brigade SC
PO Box 75, Warren ME 04864
Washburn, ME
Washburn Trail Runners
Washington, ME
Washington Hill & Gully Riders
PO Box 212, Washington, ME 04574
Ossipee Mountaineers
Waterford Snow Packers
366 Valley Rd, Waterford, ME 04088
Waterville, ME
Central Maine SC
PO Box 2848, Waterville, ME 04901
Wayne, ME
Thirty Mile River SC
PO Box 238, Wayne, ME 04284
Weld, ME
Weld Winter Wildcats SC
189 Center Hill Rd, Weld, ME 04285
West Forks/Parlin Pond, ME
Coburn Summit Riders
West Gardiner, ME
Cobbosseecontee SC
West Paris, ME
Mollyockett Sportsmen Club
c/o R Jones, 3 Overlook Terrace, West Paris, ME 04289
Westbrook, ME
Westbrook Trail Blazes
Wilton, ME
Woodland Wanderers SC
PO Box 638, Wilton ME 04294-0638
Windham, ME
Windham Drifters SC
Windsor/Whitefield, ME
Winn, ME
Dwinal Pond 4 Seasons Club
Winslow, ME
Fort Halifax Snowdrifters
PO Box 8175, Winslow, ME 04901
Winterport, ME
Winterport Riverside Riders
PO Box 37, Winterport, ME 04496
Winthrop, ME
Hillandalers SC
Wiscasset, ME
Wiscasset Sno-Goers
29 Rocky Ridge Dr, Wiscasset, ME 04578
Woolwich, ME
Nequasset Trailbreakers
PO Box 4, Woolwich, ME 04579

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