Yellowstone Snowmobiling Photo Album Launched

Scenic winter waterfalls, close up images of amazing wildlife and other stunning photos of snowmobiling in and around Yellowstone National Park have been posted to our sister site — — for all to see.
The photo essay, put together by Snow Goer Associate Editor Tom Kaiser, features images captured during early March at our Rode Reports testing event and one day after, on a visit into the fabulous park.
After testing snowmobiles in the surrounding national forest land for four days, Kaiser joined a tour group from Yellowstone Vacations that entered the park on its last day of being open to snowmobiles for the season. As you can see by the images in the essay, the scenery in the park is stunningly beautiful.
To see the essay, simply visit our companion site, then go to the Photo page and click on one of the images.
Also, please note that, over the next several weeks, we’ll be posting exclusive photo essays from the Rode Reports testing events to the same site, featuring action shots and behind-the-scenes access to snowmobiling’s most extensive new model testing event, featuring all 2011 snowmobiles in action.
So why post them to the SnowGoerRacing site, you ask? It’s a much friendly site for photo essays than this site, allowing viewers to see larger images in a better format. Enjoy.

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